June 20th, 2004

Just out of curiosity

What stereotpyes have been placed on any of you because you had dreads and how did you react/feel?

Today my father complained about my dreadlocks again and I simply told him "Just because I do not fit your version of beauty, does not mean I am not beautiful."
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I finally have my pictures that I took around October. Now my dreads are a year and one month (on the 24th). They are not the best pictures because I wasn't really trying to take pictures of my hair, but I'm glad I finally have some to post. I'm finally posting these pictures :)

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I have a problem: My hair is naturally pretty thin and oily. I gave myself dreds about two weeks ago, but they fall out if I don't redo them every day. They WON"T stay matted! I really don't want to use wax, is this just a time issue? Will they eventually stay? Any opinions?