June 23rd, 2004

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i was in this here community quite some time ago. i've shaved all but four of my dreads off and grown a bihawk that's pretty fair in size. i'm missing my dreads like hell, but i love my bihawk. i've always hated hair, and now i have more reason to hate it: two styles, and i can't decide which one i like better.

my question to all you lovely people is: my boyfriend wants me to dread his mohawk, but we're both poor fuckers who can't afford the expensive wax (they don't sell real bees wax anywhere, and the closest thing is some twenty-dollar stuff, and lifting it is out of the question) they sell here in this quaint little bullshit town. is there anything we could make at home (or something cheaper, maybe?) that would aide me in backcombing his hair?

also: we're moving to juneau up in alaska towards the end of september/early october. problem is, i'm still enrolled in school. what are the policies in schools about hair up there, if anyone's from around the juneau area, or knows anything about it? i read the online student handbook and it didn't say anything about it, but i'm still not sure if they're all militant like some schools are down here and don't allow piercings or mohawks/dreads.
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hello i just joined. i want to get dreadlocks. i have no idea where to start off. i guess i would have to go somewhere to get it done? or.. i dont even know. can someone help me on how to get started? thanks
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Has anyone experimented with Knotty Boy dread wax and/or the DreadHeadHQ stuff? (I know a lot of you have..)

And those who have, is there any difference between the two wax's? I noticed KnottyBoy comes in a 4 oz tub for $15, and DreadHeadHQ is in a 7 oz tub for only $10!

I can't find anything that's not petroleum based here in town, so I'll probably buy online.. Obviously I'll go with the cheaper one, unless noted otherwise.. Advice anyone?
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Mod Post

First off: I am in love with every single head of hair in this community. It's a sickness really. And the only cure is group dready lovin'.

Now... official business.

We love new members but please remember we have a memories section so there aren't repeat questions. Older members get cranky and we want everyone to have fun here. So be sure to check it before posting. We've deleted a few repeat questions posts but doing so makes us cry. We don't want to be the bad guys. Stop making us cry. Read the rules.

Also, asking a dreadlock community if you should get dreadlocks is like asking vegetarians if you should stop eating cow. WE ARE BIASED! Personally, I'd dread the world then take them all out for a Coke. But that's me. So take that into account. We probably aren't the best folks to ask.

And remember, more than one picture needs a lj-cut. Pictures and lj-cut are in love and they want to be together. When you don't put them together they pine all day writing angsty poetry because they need each other. They are a pair. Use them together. Because losers like me who have dial up will thank you.

Thank you,

Your friendly neighborhood Jaki

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Happy 2nd birthday to my dreadies! Weeeeh!!

I'd post pictures, but I'm extraordinarily hungover, and anyway, Saturday is hair day. I'll be putting lots of nice rubbish in my dreads and making them look pretty, so I'll post pictures then. Weeeeeeh!!

Love and hugs and such to everyone!!! :D
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Ok, I know you've seen this pic recently but it is the best beaver paddle ever and I though I'd use it as the perfect oppurtunity for a spin off of this community I made
beever_feever for beaver paddles enthusiasts. I'm obsessed with them so I wanna see more photos!!