June 30th, 2004

SouthPark Me

The Razor

So today on a whim (well actually, a whim that started last week, but came to fruition today - it takes me a few days to be spontaneous, what can I say?) I pulled out my brother's electric razor, and becan cutting. After cutting, I brought our a safety razor (the types you find at the stores) and got rid of the stubble.

Yes my friends, it is with a heartfelt heart that I must announce that I am no longer a dredlocked, bearded type guy.

I'm now a DREDLOCKED, HANDLEBAR MOUSTACHED TYPE GUY. woot. Had you all going there for a moment, didn't I?

Pictures would follow, if I had a digicam, which I don't, so they won't.

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I just bought some fake dreads.
I really dont want real again, my hair's stupid now..
I've got purple, pink/purple and brown/black dreads, and I already had some red, so :)
&I hacve some plastic things in my hair, named "scoubiedou" here.
So it's verrrry colourfull :)