July 3rd, 2004


dread head fever

so, i have been watching this community indirectly from a friend's friend page. i see all these lovely dreads on all of you and touch my curly mane, wondering if i am ready for the plunge. i want it badly, but at the same time, i like the way my hair is now. it's really tight curls that frizz all over the place and make a big brown halo around my head.

when i did my friend's dreads (xjrjuniorx ) i was so happy for him. i loved it, and so did he. i remember being in sixth grade and seeing this girl leslie in the high school. she was a senior and everything i'd ever wanted to be: beautiful, funny, and dreaded. her dreads had beads and bands and lovely tips... a few weeks ago i saw her again, and her dreads are gone now. i don't know if she even recognized me, because i'd never talked to her, not to mention i was 7 years younger than her...

but i digress. part of the reason i don't want dreads is my family: father. coming from a bi-racial family, i was blessed with that kinky "good" mixed hair. it is a big deal in the black community for a girl to have straight, oiled-down hair or braids. i get shit all the time from them about how i wear my hair, so getting dreads would only make it worse. (my mom, on the other hand,  is a great lady, so she supports me no matter what) all in all, i still really want dreads, and i think i am coming to a point in my life where i think i'm ready for them. i told myself that i wouldn't do it until i was really ready, spiritually and mentally. sigh.

where am i going with this? i guess i just want to thank this community for being here, and knowing how it feels to be where i'm at. it's good to know i'm not alone.

thanks so much dreadies!

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Ahh, I loooove dreads. Love them. Absolutely adore them. I've wanted them since forever, but I've got parental troubles. My mother hates them because she says they look dirty, and I've never even discussed it with my dad. But, my mom says once I've 18, I can do anything I want to my body. I just recently turned 16, so I'm just counting down the days. xD

I've been seeing a lot of people with dreads lately. I went to Ikea, and there was these two women with really long dreads. One woman was really pretty, she had hers all tied up... I was trying not stare, I swear. :D And the other day, I was in the mall, and there was a boy and a girl with dreads. They looked related... the guy had his in a hat and the girl had on one of those trucker hats with her dreads hanging down... they looked so pretty!

My biggest problem with my hair is that it's uber processed to get it straight... I hate how when the perm dies out, my hair gets all poofy again and doesn't lay straight -- that's part of the reason why I want dreads. The other reason is that they just look frickin' awesome.

I've pretty much heard that to get your dreads, you need to cut off all your permed hair. This makes me sad, because my hair is a little past my shoulders... is there no one you can get your hair to dread up if it's permed? If not, well... I've got two years to grow in some natural hair. xD

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Sorry Sorry Sorry, but I can't figure out that lj-cut thing for some reason. I won't put pictures up again until i figure it out.. but i promise this one isnt too big.

THESE ARE MY NEW BABY DREADS! 1 DAY OLD! yaaaayyy! (Any advice on making them less frizzy?)

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I just wanted to share this with all of you :)

I went to a festival yesterday (only one day since I'm pretty much broke)
I thought I'd see lots of dreadies, I was wrong. Saw only 3 :)
Seems like the dreadhype over here is finally passing by. A lot of people had gotten themselves dreads, but just a couple of weeks (or maybe a month) later, they didn't want them anymore due to 'too much of a hassle, have to work constantly on them, look like crap'.
And then they keep saying 'oh, I want your hair' If they'd just gotten through with it, they would have locks like all of us. It bothers me that these people give up so easily :/
Sure, I've had my doubts as well, but I really wanted my dreadies, why would I give up on them so easily then ?

Right, festival (sorry for my rambling here :))
I saw this girl, she had the nicest, softest dreads I've seen so far :)
Her tips were all round and oh so lovely :) Another dreadhead, a guy, had his past his shoulders, absolutely no frizz or loose hairs. (I got jealous after seeing his dreads :P)

And then....GAH 0.0

There he was, a tall, blonde (I don't usually feel much for blonde guys but this one..:P) guy with dreads all the way down to his bum. He also had the lippiercing I've always wanted :)

Simply fucking GORGEOUS :D

I think I've fallen in love ^-^

Hilly xx
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