July 4th, 2004

boyfriends dreads

I did these dreads on my boyfriend about 5 months ago. heres a picture of them after only 2 months. his dreads are neat and even :) it took me *gasp* 39 hours to do his entire head, it was the first time i had ever done dreads and i was gonna make sure i didnt have any loops, uneven, or undreaded parts.
hope you like. they're pretty fuzzy looking here, we'd just been to see the misfits so they'd been knocked about a lot.
now they are thicker, rounder, and smoother (although one of them was hurt the other night with a bottle :/

i'll be taking more pics tonight so i'll update this later

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I can't remember if I posted this photo already.. Sorry if I did! Anyhoo, my friend Kate took it on the bus on the way home from a particularly heavy night (so excuse the slightly hamsteriffic appearance!!). I just thought it showed the current status of my dreads pretty well (it's about a month old).

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beeswax questions


I have a question for those of you that used beeswax on your dreads.
I just (very recently) started real dreads, slowly taking out the fake extensions and dreading my real hair. Well I did some light backcombing just to get them started a bit but they are quite loose. I remembered that I had some beeswax somewhere. What method did you use/how did you use the beeswax? I have just a few small pieces, they are kinda hard too(its a couple years old).
Did you make your own wax? how?
Any advise at all is greatly appreciated. THANKS
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It's been a while...

I finally saw thw background here and I would like to say...
good job.
It looks awesome, I thinks it totally kicks(donkey).

Okay I just thought that the person who did this derserves some thanks
(even if it is a little late...)

Hehe.. can you find me.
Hint: I'm so shiny!
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There was a terrible tangle in the back of my hair for months.

It continued to get worse, because instead of doing the "sensible" thing, which would be washing, and brushing my hair. I just let it be.

Now, about half of the back of my head has dreaded itself.

They're pretty fun, if I do say so myself..

But, I think I want them gone now.. [smiles and cries].

There is no way to get them out other then cutting.. is . there? Because today I let conditioner sit in my hair, and I attempted to comb them out, no luck.

Soo, advice?

PS.. I think I have actually grown to love them.
Maybe.. I should get them all over my head?