July 6th, 2004

Two questions

I have a couple of questions, but they're pretty in-depth and can't be answered in a word or two, and they're not the type that would be in the FAQ. So I guess don't bother reading/answering this unless you have time and you know what you're talking about.

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Thanks for taking the time to read all this and I hope some of you out there can give me the answers I need. I want to do my dreads soon but I'm worried they'll come out a way I don't want them too if I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Thanks.


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hey all, my girlfriend is having issues with her dreds thining out at the roost to where they'll fall out. they are 2 years old, and they look good other than they thining out part.


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i have naturally curly hair. i washed my dreads the other day, and when they dried, they dried SUPER curly and it didn't look all that great. a few days later, with some moderate upkeep, they look pretty straight again.

now, my dreads are fairly new, only a week and someodd days old. is this only happening since they're new and looser then well established dreads? or will this always happen simply because my hair is curly?


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hey everyone,
i'm new here and am planning on dreading my hair in a few weeks. my question is (i check the FAQ's section and didn't see this listed...if i somehow missed it i'm sorry!) how much should i expect to lose in length when i dread it? my hair's about 9 inches long right now.


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um..ive not been able to track down any wax without petrolium what so ever. Ive been everywhere, health food stores, dread stores..all the wax ive been told about has some sort of petrolium in it. Anyways..anyone ever used candle wax?! i feel like such a foo asking but hey..im curious..

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Hey y'all...i guess i forgot to re-introduce myself. so, what's up??? Pablotheguitar. Pablo is my guitar's name.
i've had dreads for a year, and i've been happy with them. i am sooo glad i didn't cut them over spring break. what the hell was i thinking??? i've had shoulder length, brown hair for pretty much most of my life. i had a ducktail haircut when i was four, and when i was 12 it was down to my elbows. that didn't last long, at a friend's sleepover party at 2 am, someone had a great idea to cut my hair. yep...

so last year i decided to get dreads. i did it the Knottyboy way first, with some other kind of wax that was more like grease. my friend came over and said i did it wrong, so she took it apart and started tying it in knots. literally. after about a week, it looked pretty weird and it wasn't really locking, so i went back to the wax. this time it was some strange Kiwi stuff...it didn't work too well either. eventually i got the knottyboy, but by then my hair was pretty much locked. heh. chances are i've done just about everything in the FAQs, except maybe 2 or 3...

ok, now i have a question. from the looks of my hair, it's grown quite a bit in the past year...the hemp and thread and pieces of rubberbands i had at the roots have migrated south about an inch or two. then why is my hair still pretty much the length i started with?
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