July 7th, 2004

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I wish I had a god damn camera phone. I saw a guy yesterday with the nicest dreads I've ever seen. Really long down to his butt and really full as well. When my dreads grow up I want them to be like that ^ _ ^

Just wondering if anyone on here lives in Oxford, UK. I think most people on here are from the States but thought I'd check anyway. I went there for the first time yesterday and it seemed like nearly everyone had dreads. Was very cool, I think I shall be hanging out there more often
dread dance

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soooo.... i broke down and dyed my hair. first time in forever, but i think i like it..

also, i have a question.. im fairly happy with the sizes my hair locked up, but.. at the roots they are growing into like a few SUPER large locks... is there anything i can do about this? anyone?

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somehow we timed it perfect...
today, one year ago my friend johanna dreaded all the hair on my fucking head...
today, one year later(just for those of you who dont pay attention), she is home from France and Georgia, and she has dreaded the now existent one-year old hair that was bald skin when she first dreaded me one year ago...
so if this is difficult to follow, good
i dont think i had anythink to say.
happy birthday to my hair....pictures are wanting
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ok, been thinking for quite some time now whether or not i should hack off my dreadies...i've grown to love and hate them this past year, but i know i'll miss them yet be relieved if they were gone. My scalp feels like it's on fire sometimes to the point i scratch so much it bleeds, the dandruff is unbearable and the fact i cant do much to it is really winding me up. So i'm now sat here with my metal comb pondering whether i should start combing them out.... i dunno, a lot of people just know me as Maggie the girl with nice phat dreads, but, im bored of this hair and it's doing my head in *practicaly*...bah, this is really bothering me, i miss being able to brush my hair, dye it, play with it....so i think it's time i should say farewell, and in a few years if i feel like i want them again i will....

but thanks to those who helped me, atleast i know in the future how to maintain/get the locks i want...good luck with anyone who's planning to get dreads, dont worry about my post, i was probably doing somethign very wrong...this is a great community, with great people...carry on the good work *thumbs up*

hi everyone

my first post... this is the only picture I have of me with my dreads. I had them a couple years ago, and have since cut them off, but i loved them at the time. One day my head was itching really bad so instead of doing something to fix it, i cut them off. Pretty stupid of me, but heres a picture

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Hi. I'm Sarah, and I am very interested in getting dreadlocks. I plan on getting syn dreads though, because my hair is short, and I don't want to grow it out. ;p But my questoin is, I have wicked curly/wavy hair, and I was wondering, when I get dreads.. will my dreads be curly..

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