July 8th, 2004

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First of all thankyou to everyone who added me as thier friend. And second, totally off the subject I thought that maybe some of you MIGHT be interested...

Im selling two hats on ebay. One is a dread tam...


And the other is a cute bell shaped hat with embriodered flowers.


Thought some of you might be looking for a tam for you dreadies! Thanks!
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these photos are CRAP! i hate my new webcam. so blurry. anyhow. i think my dreads and i might have fallen back in love.

i like it when i wake up, look in the mirror and they are just a huge, organized, good looking - MESS. ha, parking lots make great places to find hair decorations.

they are also pulling together so well. had to give it time.

it will be a year in september... go me.

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haha ok this is so totally conceited but i dont care.

do you ever have one of those days when you look in the mirror, you think "whoo ha, i have the best dreads around!"

i gave myself a little trim today (about an inch), and after i was done i couldnt help but stare at my hair for a while and admire how pretty i think they are.
they are like my babies. you know how moms always think they're children are the most beautiful children in the world? yeah. thats how im feeling.

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I took pics of my dreads today. To show you all how messy they really are.
They're greasy as hell, I should wash 'em.
BUT, I'm a bit too lazy for that so :P
The pics have a warning label on them, becoming blind IS a possibility :)

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The three others are on my journal, didn't want to scare y'all *too* much :P

Hilly xx
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Ok so I just washed my hair and I looked in the mirror and thought "hmm, some bad dandruff goin on today, Gem" and started trying to brush the white bits off.

on closer inspection its not dandruff its the little white hair bulbs, ya know the bit that is usually in the scalp

what can I do about this? I know hair needs to shed but it hasn't had the bulbs before and it looks like read bad dandruff as my hair is black

*looks sad*

Introduction... =)

Hello all!

My name is Harley. I had dreds couple years ago, but they were done poorly and I wound up brushing them (ok.. pulling, tugging, crying, cursing, ripping them) out and have thought about getting them back ever since. Didn't take up the challenge because, for some reason I always thought my sweety didn't care for dreds.. but he has revealed to me that he does indeed think they are good and man o man.. it's on now!

Hehe, so the first thing I need to do is grow me hair out a bit more, got about 9 inches now all up top, and about 6 inches on the underneath. Using some super vitamin goop in my hair for the next couple of months while I also get my hair white. I'll have to decide if I want to do straight white dreds, with bangs so I can still dye those, or of I am going to do sexy cherry colored dreds.

I mean come on.. cherry red dredlocks are MADDDDD sexy. MADDDD sexy.

Hehehe! So hello everyone!! You are welcome to check out my User Info to see what's up with me and all that jazz. Woot!

And thanks for having such an awesome forum here. Great photos all!!

*blows kisses* -Harley
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We are family, I got all my dreadies and me...

the reason i love this community is because everyone is so warm toward each other and willing to help. I've seen other dread boards online, and the people are just assholes toward each other and laugh at people who ask questions. when i initially started my dreads, i had no idea what i was doing, and i'm still kind of playing it by ear...it's just one big learning experience for everyone, no two dreadheads are alike. it's great to read other people's stories, i keep learning more about this strange style we all have in common. high fives to everyone for being who they are.

P.S...it's weird...in the background, that girl with the glasses who's lying on the grass(?) looks like me...
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