July 9th, 2004

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I've checked the f.a.q., but couldn't find any mention of getting rid of dreadlocks so now i'm asking here. I backcombed my hair more than a year ago and absolutely loved it for quite some time, but lately i've been thinking about getting rid of my dreads on a nearly daily basis. However, short hair doesn't suit me. at all. So just chopping them off is not really something i'd like to do.
I've heard that people sometimes comb out their dreads, but i don't know if that's a good idea. How would i go about doing that? Is it possible at all? What will my hair look like afterwards?
Now i know that everyone's hair is different and it all depends on how solid your dreads are and whatnot, but i was wondering if anyone in this community has experience with this. Any before/after pictures, experiences, hints and tricks etc. would be highly appreciated.
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Thanks in advance.
p.s. i swear to god, the white stuff on my shoulders isn't dandruff. haha.
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After seeing Pascale's dread mustache, I've dedicated this entry to ALL of the dreads that have passed on. I've lost 4 and ran to get a picture of the only one I have since I've given the others away. So without further ado....


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Yeah, I'm dreading my hair tomorrow.. And I just had one question. I was reading all the websites about using wax and what not.. And I read the FAQ but I was just wondering if its really that necessary. Cuz I really don't have much money to buy wax.. And is there anything that you guys used when you first dreaded your hair? Like any stuff at home just to help it knot faster and tame the frizzies? I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. But any help would be appreciated. I'll post pictures when I'm done. Thanks again! <3
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lately I've really been missing my dreadies. I combed them all out at the end of may...they were 6 months old. some people say I look better with them and some say I look better without. Either way I get all sad just thinking about them. Is this normal? my mom would be upset if I got em back in. gah. I dunno what I want. ever.

Dred Party?

Has anyone ever tried to have or has had a dred party?

I am interested in it.
It sounds like fun!

5 or 6 people, discussing different problems, tricks, etc.
Hahah even monthly dred washing. Dred dying, tying, tightening, beading, etc.

Anyone ever do that?
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head massages are quite possibly the best feeling ever.

i feel like a dog who can't stop shaking it's leg.

is anyone else wishing it was winter? next winter will be my first with dreadies, and i can't wait. i think the cold weather, the wool hats, the snow will match my hair just dandily.


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Hi, I have a question. =] Ok, how long do beads stay in.. like, do they stay in for as long as you have your dreads, or do they come out at anytime...Thanks. [=
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i was wondering....
the oldest of my dreads are about 5 days...the youngest are a day...
i haven't washed my hair in about a week...and i feel grime-y...is it safe to wash them this early on?


i go to shows and such, and i'm a little worried about cigarette smoke....this may sound silly, but has anyone ever tried using febreeze on their dreads?

do you think it'd work?


i think i read an entry here once about someone sewing their dreads...like..to make them less frizzy...does that work well?

thanks a bunch.
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So io've had my dreads for 3 months now and they have locked up really well, almost. Heres the problem, the dreads that i put beads on have split into two sections, above the bead and below the bead. the sections above the beads have locked up just like the rest of my head, pretty tightly. Where as the sections below the beads are still pretty loose and havent got any fatter. My guess was the beads are too tight on my dreads? any help at all is welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Matt xx