July 10th, 2004

SouthPark Me

A question about the recent Mod post.

In your post, you said two things...

Firstly, no spam.
Secondly, nothing that doesn't relate to dredlocks.

I can fully support the first, its good, SPAM (ie unsolicited advertisements) is a bad thing. Nobody wants it, and only the poster likes it. Kudos!

The second statement is something else altogether.

It was my understanding that about a month ago, the community discussed what we wanted this to be. We were discussing if it was going to be a place to ask the same three questions over and over, a place to post photos, or sort of a lounge for dredheads, where people with similar hairstyles could relax and chat about whatever interested them.

It was my understanding that we decided that it would be the third. A lounge for dredheads to discuss whatever they wanted.

Is this really changing now? DO we have to alter the entire community everytime we have a new Mod? This is getting ridiculous!!

Hopefully, I just misunderstood you (and if I did, please correct me) but if I didn't, is it possible that you could explain why you've just changed what we argued only a month ago about?


how happy is the blameless vestal's lot


I just wanted to say that I really love this community, everyone is really helpful about dread stuff [I can't dread my hair yet because I was stupid and got it chopped off 4 months ago so I still have these horrible silly layers that are cheekbone-length, so that sucks] and I have learned soooo much since I joined that it just makes me want dreads even more [I've wanted them for 2 yrs but my job would never let me and then I moved to Alaska where it's all cool].
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Plead the FIF!

Mod Post

First off, I love you guys. You should challenge me if you think I'm a power hungry uber bitch. I'm not trying to be. I seriously love this community and will never ban someone for asking a question or for thinking I'm being out of line. So kudos to angel_thane for bringing up a good question. And everyone that commented with concerns.

That being said... no spam. Ever.
This won't change. Spam is one of the first things that make a community suck. If users have to stroll past all that garbage to see a post worthwhile then people will leave and this place will die. GUDU should not die.

What is spam? Spam would be communities promos that aren't dread/hair related. I do feel the need to limit the type of promos or people will join just to promote anything. This isn't the place for that. There are already promo communities and I don't think anyone can disagree with this rule too terribly. Spam also includes email forwards (once-in-a-lifetime business scams, sick kids with cancers, etc...). Most of the time they are annoying and fake. So spare the group. And anything else the group deems is spam will get deleted. I think we understand what spam is so let me move on.

In my previous post I said nothing that doesn't relate to dreadlocks. I think perhaps I need to retract that statement.

This is a place where we can come together and talk about things. I love it when people bring serious topics to the forum. This community was made for dread lovers. My main concern is fights. You've all been online long enough to know how to form a post that incites conversation and one that starts flame wars. Please please please let's all be as mature and respectful as we've been so far. It's hard to make this place inviting and orderly without becoming overbearing. I hate deleting posts and bugging people. And banning people makes me sad. So as long as you guys are as awesome as you've always been then enjoy yourselves. As always, feel free to comment/send me candy/yell at me/call my mother names.



(no subject)

this community is the happiest little place in the world :)
so im saruh...ive been a member here under a different name but didnt post much. buttt im here. ive had my dreads for ten months and love them muchly. recently i cut bangs in the front so uh...yeahhh.
my reasons for dreading my hair are very important to me. before i had dreads i used to blow dry my hair EVERYDAY and if i didtn i would worry about how i looked and whatnot. although i worried about that shit, i realized there was so much more to me than that and i realized how much of a slave to generic beauty images i was. also, it came to a point where i couldnt talk to people about ANYTHING (ie politics, philosophy etc) without them commenting on my beautiful red hair and my "beauty". instead of having guy friends, i had a group of guys who didnt care about me but just my looks and getting in the sack with me. needless to say, THAT SUCKED. i was more than that...hell i was and still am, smarter than that and i wasnt going to put up with it. so i dreaded my hair, and i think it looks beautiful, just a different kind of beautiful. i believe in challenging beauty and gender images in order to keep society on its toes. i quit smoking pot for six months so that people couldnt stereotype me and whatnot and i have had quite a year.
having dreads makes me more confident and it has made me realize that i am beautiful whether or not my hair is dklfasldfhk or nice and straight. anyway...yeah
so i would love to know why everyone else has their hair in dreads :)
annnnnd pikshuresssss hehe
ps. I cant make comments to anything yall say because i dont have a SUBMIT COMMENT button. i would fix it but i cannot figure out how and the answers ive gotten on the lj help board dont make much sense :) but im thinkin of ya
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tail de la horse

A little while ago, chescaleigh posted something about using horsetail to make hair grow faster. I looked at the "GNC: Live Well" stores and they carry a few different versions of it, but all of them are swallow pills and they're huge. I have really bad gag reflexes for swallowing pills; I could barely take the minescule Zoloft ones I used to take. I'd never bother attempting to take the horsetail ones unless they worked extremely well. For the original poster or anyone else who takes horsetail, how much would you say it increases your hairgrowth, considering half an inch a month to be the normal speed. Thanks.

(no subject)

Strolling through RiteAid today, i made a discovery.

"Soothing TEA TREE OIL Shampoo" from Hairtherapy.

Omg, guys. It was fairly inexpensive, the tea tree oil factor makes my scalp calm and the smell is delectable. It's got aloe in it too, for the itchies and whatnot.

So, yeah. Just a suggestion for those who would like an alternative to an application of straight tea tree oil to the scalp.


(no subject)

I've only posted in this community a couple of times, but I just wanted to say that my dreads are getting chopped off tonight. I will post before and after pictures at a later date, perhaps tomorrow.

bear suit

(no subject)

Hey. My name's Erik, and I have had dreads for 11 years. I started naturally - no wax or hair products. I twist 'em up myself and never had a stylist, either. I'm also pretty new to LJ and its communities, so please take if easy on me if I'm a little dull-witted about techy stuff. Shit, my girlfriend had to help me host these pics. Anyway, nice to meet you all.

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this community rocks...like my locks... ;)

heyyyy everyone! im new, so ill do the whole introduction thingy i gues..im cara, im 16, play piano and drums...my favorite flower is the sunflower...i like the color green... lol ta da thatss me! music wise reggae SUCKS!!! (haha jussst kidding). i love the doors, crosby stills and nash, dylan, marley, tosh, sublime...

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my site warning: i'm very progressive/liberal/anti-bush, so if you're offended by that, i told you ahead of time...
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