July 14th, 2004

Quick question

Hey all, I'm new to this community.
I am getting a dread perm at Hairpolice on Friday. I decided to go there and not do it myself b/c my hair is pretty short, like 5 inches. I'm a little worried about how it's going to look when done, since it is so short, and I would love extensions, but I can't afford it. I read a post somewhere about how to add extenders right to your dreadlocks, but in theirs it involved unraveling the end of the dread, and mine are going to be way short to begin with! So I guess my question is: Is it possible for me to make my own dread extensions, and then attach them to the end of my tiny new dreads? Or will I just have to wait for them to grow out/pay lots of money? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :)
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hey kiddies. i just have a question. other than at knottyboy.com where can i get awesome beads. im looking for wooden beads...but glass and whatnot would be welcomed too!
i know of dreaddomain and stuff but other than that im totally lost
i live in nyc so if any of you guys know places here or near here that's kool too

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Someone please kick me,
I almost cut my locks today.

I called my sister (the wedding one)today, had a talk with her, and we kinda came to an 'understanding': I'm gonna search for a way to style my dreads in a 'weddingly' way, and cross my fingers that she'll like it.
She told me she never really hated my hair, it's just that she wants everything to go perfect for her wedding day, which I completely understand.

Now, after that call I wanted to talk to mum as well.
It didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would...
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hi, everyone. i had a wonderful/horrible dream. in my dream i had dreadlocks. i have long, nappy, beaded up dreads. i effin' loved them. the only bad part was waking up too see my hair, not in dreads.

i am 100 percent sure that i want dreads. so, i'm getting them. =]

you guys helped too, i wasn't sure, and i saw how happy you all were, how much you loved your dreads. so when i get my dreads, i will love them just as much. =]
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bear suit

The Dreads

So I guess it might be good to post some more pics since folks have been askin for 'em. I hope I didn't fuck up the LJ cut thingy. If I did, sorry. I'm still learning this stuff.

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(no subject)

My dreads have always been a "whatever" kind of thing. They are purposeful, but they are not willful. Just under a year ago I started not brushing my hair, hoping they'd just appear. It's been a very slow process, as you might be able to tell from the pics. Basically all I've done is pull my dreads apart when they've tried to join together. I have alot of loose hair and about 18 dreads of varying sizes.

Very very few people like my hair, but I'm alright with people telling me to cut my hair. People who really know me understand that I don't put up with disapprovingness for long (however oxymoronic that may be). There are probably enough dreadies in my town to count with one hand, and I haven't seen any of them. I am "that guy with dreads."

I want to keep my dreads for at least a couple more years, so they'll get to a satisfying length, but we'll see. It is hard to get a job with them in this town, which is unfortunate.

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Yet Again...

So I have this VERY OFTEN reoccuring dream that I don't have my dreads anymore. Like, I get really scared in the dream that they've just come apart even though I've had them for 2 1/2 yrs. But it's weird though because my hair is really fine and soft. I had one last night but in all I've had maybe about 20+ dreams. Has this ever happened to anyone? Am I the only one with these nightmares?