July 15th, 2004

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my friend recently got her hair blow dryed (note..she does not have dreads)..she was told that her hair is very flakey..the hair dresser thought she had dandruff but the color of the flakes were white. She was later told that dandruff is yellow.

wat the?! maybe i just have a dry scalp..*confused*
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MY dreading party is set for the 30th of July!!! I'm so excited. I've got my dreading comb, some Dr. Bronners soap, and rings to hold my new dreads in bundles out of my face while i work (I work at a distribution warehouse so appearance is no problem at all). I still need to get little elastics for my hair and probably wax, though I'm still in the air on whether I should use wax. My hair isn't very wavy at all, so i'm thinking I might need it :/ Also i've convinced my old girlfriend from highschool to do the dreads for me and we might be going to a movie friday ;) Egad though, I asked her if she wanted to see a talking picture, D'OH! Nervous me. I like my dreads already and i don't even have them
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    My dad (former catholic priest) watching wrestling, LOL