July 16th, 2004

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hey everyone!
i've had dreads for about 2.5 yrs and i have a random question...
how do you know if they're infested?
i don't think mine are... but i went to order some wax from knottyboy and saw all these questions about what to do if you get lice...

and now i'm paranoid! calm me down!

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hey people!

i havent really posted like this in here for a while...and was just thinking about you guys...

also wanted to let you know whats going on with my head...since youre the only people who care/understand.

most of you know i HAD dreads...and i miss them...but certain things happen and there is always the rest of my life...blah blah blah.

i havent washed my hair in over a week, i havent brushed it either.
i have rinsed it but, thats all.
im trying to see what will happen...
its getting kinda smelly (most of the time) and dandruffy (sometimes), but i used peppermint oil on it yesterday and it was gooooood and tinglie...

so, if you did your dreads the natural way or kinda natural...how did you go about it?
and how long did it take?(to notice they were kinda dreads?)
did you wash your hair after a period of time and just not brush it?

my hair is naturally wavey but usualy only happens when it is longer...but now...since im not doing anything to it...its doing its wavey thing...and i think it looks beautiful ^_^

any tips/ideas/advice/etc would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My dreads are almost 11 months now...
A better picture after my vacation in france (three weeks).
byebye I'll take dread pictures with the beautyfull nature of france.

With love,
Claudia (holland)

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Hey everyone!! :o)

I've wanted to get dreads for the past couple of months, and I finally decided to take the plunge and do them next weekend.

However, I just saw someone else's post where they were worried about lice/bugs/creepy crawlies in your dreads. Now the problem: I work at a vet hospital! egads. Do you think I should still do them? And if I do, how am I going to keep the critters out of em??

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Hi guys! I just wanted to show off my new wrap that I put in today. I luff it! Hehe. Purple is my favorite color. :)

I absolutely love this community, and I love all the people in it. You are all so wonderfully nice, and I am so happy to be a part of it.
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