July 17th, 2004

Plead the FIF!

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Is there a quote, poem, song lyrics that reminds you of your connection to your hair?

(This post was inspired by chescaleigh who used the quote in her last post,
"I stopped combing my mind so my thoughts could lock." -Saul Stacey Williams. Which is one of my FAVORITE dreadlock quotes.)

I know it's cheezy but the song "Video" by India Arie. And any lyrics that speak about growing or journeys. Like "Drive" by Incubus.
new me

monthish dreadies

Don't think I've posted a pic since I first did my dreads. They're about 2 months now and since my hair was really short but all layered I extended a few of the top ones as you'll see in some of the pics. anyway here you go..

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well guys..

i'm in the process of putting one dread in, with my mary to help me. so far one dread has taken like twenty minutes i want to see how it turns out and if its good enough for me to go all out after a week, i might dread it all! wish me luck!
ps the ends won't knot, what should i do?!
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