July 19th, 2004


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hello to all my lovely dreadheads!!!

i know, it's been forever since i posted. shortly after i combed out my dreads in june, i moved to a new apartment - and without internet, i cut back big time on my friends list, and stopped reading this community.

well, this past week, truckoffools has been at my apartment visiting in the midst of his road trip/phish touring/etc., and we've had a total blast. yesterday we went to a caribbean/west indies culture fest downtown, and i saw the most beautiful dreads ever... so many... it was so amazing. and it inspired me to redo mine!

not only that, but one of my friends wants to dread her hair, too. so we're going to have a dread party sometime, and do our hair together! i'm pumped.

i don't regret combing them out... i had them for about 5 months, and i loved them. and it was nice to have a change - have normal hair for a while. but i think dreads suit me well. so... yup. here we come!
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i must admit that i am also a member of a community for the sharing and networking of photographers and artists depicting nudity in their work...
all very tasteful and artistic...
i continually see photo after photo showing the same kind of model wearing the same kind of sexy lingerie (for the boys)
the same cut men with styled shaggy hair (for the ladies)
its all very sensual and arousing
but i feel like this community houses as much if not more beauty...
this community feels like a home for any person with dreads to come and share and get support
the boys in this community are all beautiful
and the girls in this community are all beautiful
and i dont see any of that commercial beauty-that seems more like marketing and less like love
i love that about this place

note: it is rather late here and im a bit belligerant at the moment so hope i made some sense and hit upon all my points

much love
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new pic


Hi all. I've had my dreads for just over a year now. Was thinking about doing dread extentions over my real dreads and wondering of others experiences/tips regarding them. My hair is midway down my back and was going to just buy cheap extentions. A friend said to just rubberband them into the roots after backcombing them and wrap them around the dreads.

I've been lurking and enjoying all the pics and stories thus far.

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Hey, I've been thinking about getting dreads but I'm not sure.
I have an overwhelming love for dreads, and people with dreads, but I don't think they'd suite me.
Is it harder getting a job with dreads?

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Oh, and I've been looking through the community, and you're all gorgeous.
I'd liek to marry all of you.
Any takers?
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don't think i've posted here yet... hi, my name's jen, i'm 18, and from vermont. woo, obligatory intro stuff. anyway, the cool part of the post is that... as i sit here typing, my friend is backcombing away at my hair... i'm actually going through with this dread stuff! :) i'm so excited!

(pictures to come!)
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the climbing moose

well, my hair's been getting knottier and knottier for nearly 3 months now - and i don't have any really great photos, but you get the idea with this one (me climbing at an indoor gym last weekend)

i don't usually tie it back like that, but i wanted it out of the way for climbing (there's the rest of the series of pics from that climb in my journal thingo too)
sit-think dancing

Like Children

new dreads are naughty babies. They poke out of your head like newborn antlers, and are at the most oddest of angles.

I saw my babies poking out of my hat today as I was walking. I looked like an alien..

Just Dread
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