July 20th, 2004

makey outey.

HI friends

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OKAY I have a few things to say!

.5 My name is Hanna. I say this just because I have no idea what most of your names are...

1. You all ROCK. I love love love looking at all the pictures people post.

2. Dreads are SO COOL. Before I had dreads they sort of fascinated me... but now if I see someone else with dreads I am just like WHOA. You obviously ROCK. Go US.

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i've come to the conclusion that you know you have a good friend if s/he will actually take five hours out of their day to tangle your hair. haha.

but my locks didn't come out so great. like, i know it's just the first day so they aren't supposed to be, but i've seen some first day pictures on this community that are awesome... meh. i don't know -- i feel like she made them too thick/not tight enough, and i'm spazzing out. did anyone's hair look like Collapse ) after doing it with a knotty boy kit? and how does your hair look now?

(not that you can really see much in that picture.. bad lighting. let's just say i look like sideshow bob but worse.)

and with that kit, how much wax is too much? sometimes i feel she may have used too much, but i don't really know -- is it bad to use too much? o.o

eta: jeez, i forgot my main question: do they get thinner as they tighten? i was going to rip some in half but i don't want to if that's the case. and how long for the poof/sideshow bob effect to go away? :/

eta: oh yeah, and someone please reassure me they aren't going to all mat together if i wear a hat ^^;; it feels like they're going to, even any time i touch it to try and flatten them a little bit.
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I'm new, Anna, Virginia, love dreads...etc, etc.

I have a questions!

1)I have short jagged like hair. Now, I'm wondering, if anyone has ever done it while there hair was short and jagged and they ended well. Or should I wait for it to grow out?

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Funny story

So, I've had dreads for 4 days, and I already have funny stories. I work as a temp at Target HQ, in downtown Minneapolis, and needless to say get lots of looks at my new dreads. Today, this guy that rides my bus and looks very professional and generally angry all of the time, stopped me as I was walking into work and asked me where I got my dreads done. I told him Hairpolice and he said, "Yeah, me too, ten years ago." I thought it was hilarious that this seemingly corporate type guy had dreads for two years. lol

So yeah, now I have not only a conversation peice, but a bonding tool as well. :)

BTW, I will post pics as soon as I get back to my home (Ithaca, NY) and can get my hands on my digital camera.

I love this community!
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dreads, old

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what an awful bad web cam :| oh well. my dreads... are so MESSY. hair is everywhere and they flip out at odd angles. i love them like that though.

plus! i think i'll be dreading up some peoples hair here soon. there are a few people at work interested, and my old buddy wants them :D taking over the world one head at a time.
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ani d. on hair...

hello all you lovely dreadheads! I am unduly excited because an LJ friend has offered to help me start my dreads when I go visit her in a couple weeks... I will post before & after pics when I have them! In the meantime, no pics, but I read this Ani DiFranco interview Collapse )
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ahhh found this place from the dreadedpirates (who are wicked pirates)

Im going to get dreeeeadds...and i just wanted to know something

My hair is pretty thin ANNNDDD fine...i want nice thin sexy locks and im oging to bleach my hair like aweek before i get them done...I just wanted to know...if there will be any breakage of ddddddddeeeee hair since its so thin and fine...alsooo having them done will it make my hair look fuller and thicker or just thinner and sadder =(

What do you guys like better...dreads but left we bangs or no bangs?

mmmmk! THANKS!

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k..i dont know what it is, but i use an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains tar (selsun brown)..and yet my scalp is still itchy and dry..i think the shampoo just makes it worse, i cant use head and shoulders because ive noticed i scratch more, gah..im running out of ideas..what do i do?! just still scratching and finding flakes in my dreads is enough to deal with, but if i dont find something to relieve this im definitly gettin rid of these dreads. i know i dont even want to but hey..

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man. i just want to say, i love ani difranco more than anything right now. my boyfriend and i broke up last night, on our 5 month aniversery, and ani's helped me through the whole night.

we love you, ani. =]
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today i just found some pics on my parents' computer of what the ol' hairs looked like back in the day three months-ish i guess after i stopped brushing them. as you can see by the date that has been conveniently left in the bottom right corner, these were taken on august 30, 2003.

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here is today: apparently they have come a long way and with such wonderfully lazily little to no effort on my part. yahoo

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here's the barry of course
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hope you are all just jim dandy :)

Miam a (fabulous) story [ In French]

Oh i'm  so sorry , my magic story are just in french.... :( :(  And i'm realy realy vedge for translate that..


                    ''L'histoire de Mathilde..''

Gnhihi! Il était une fois une charmante personne nomée Mathilde _nyja_  et qui possèdais de (surement) magnifiques cheveux. Mathilde avait donc des cheveux. Dans ses cheveux vivaient un minuscule peuple. Le peuple du bonheur. Un peuple pas ordinaire puisqu'il était constitué de milliards de personnages plus coquins les uns que le autres...gino la patte de sauterelle qui était boulanger , polâ la brindille qui tenais le magasin général , minou la mousse qui gardait le cimetière constituée d'une minuscule pierre tombale : celle de la dynamique Autoroute disparue tragiquement. Croustillette la goute de peinture Orange qui s'occupais du salon de coiffure... Toute cette charmante équipe très dynamique n'avais qu'un seul but : rendre mathilde heureuse. :) De dures épreuves menacaient fort souvent le peuple de st-mathilde-du-clos mais heureusement chaque fois celui-ci était gagnant. Mais le plus dur était à venir... ( oh non oh non! ) 

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hey guys, i have relatively short hair right now (approx 2inches.) it is traditional irish/celtic curly and i would love to grow dreadlocks. there are so many questions though,

* how long should my hair grow before i start dreading?
* how thick? i personally love the look of "full" dreadlocks but many of those that i asked seemed to think that thin is better. this is more personal opinion than anything else.
* as for cleanliness, the myth of 'dirty hair' is it true? relatives and some friends refer to that a lot.

the look is so beautiful to me. thanks for any help!

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they're about two weeks i think.
and i love them.

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i started out really not wanting to use wax, but now i think i want to use it because they keep coming loose, and backcombing every day is a pain.
so are there any brands of wax any of you prefer to use?
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God bless the freaks

hey now ya'll dreadheads
i just wanted to let you know about this new community
because most dreads i know are into alot of the arts and crafts
this community is about
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and just so this post is not without some locks to peep , lets look at my batch i cut last summer :)

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