July 22nd, 2004

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guys...this is sad...i DID in fact dye the hair...but...BUT..it came out a REALLY REALLY shitty color. blondeish light brownish greyish. and half or more of the mess/knots came out...im pissed....*le pout*

tell me something to make me happy again haha...i am REALLY PISSED.
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great fun

for all of u who have tight dreadz, do this:
1. put ur hands, fingers outspread, to either side of ur head (where ur dreadz fall when u shake em)
2. fling ur hair to one side so u 'catch' most of em in ur palm and the dreadz all drum onto it
3. repeat with other side
4. repeat again a lil faster
5. keep doing this until ur dizzy

haha the last step is optional, but i know im not the only person who does this ;)
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*gasp* anime me!


me, my 4ish years of cords to heaven, and m'big cat papageno. (name that opera)
x-posted in m'journal earlier.

i'm surprised neither of my cats has ever been very interested in attacking them. they are very long now and everywhere. pretty much a foot down my back. well, sorry to have not shared the lock-love with you fine people in quite a while, but i thought this might be a nice random pop-in picture.

p.s. hehe, and for some reason, my anime icon really -does- look like me, even with the only dreadlock option the site had!
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hello there lovlies (and yes, you all are so lovley and gorgeous) i have a bit of a question...

so, is there any way to temporarily dread my hair? i want to see how it looks and how i'd like it. i change my mind an awful lot so id want to see if this is something i could stick with.

i ask because i want dreads, very much so. but i really dont kno how theyd look. i've very thin fine hair and i luff the thicker type dreads sooooo help me out guys!

love always

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hello there, just joined. I was wondering if those string-thingys one puts around one's dreads are both for the decorating and for the knotting?

I got my dreads friday before last, and I'm thinking of washing them this sunday - good idea?
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Bye-bye, beautiful. Don't bother to write.

i was looking at my hair, and i realized that i still have highlights at my tips from when i highlighted my hair two years ago. it's funny, i have like 3 dreads with about an inch and a half of blonde streaks at the bottom.

I didn't see anything about this in the FAQs... I've dyed a few of my dreads a few times, and i noticed that after a few days my hair just kind of slurped up the dye...i rubbed it in the best i could, which was a pretty damn good job. the first time i dyed it red, and i thought it was because i didn't leave it in long enough. then i washed my hair instead of just rinsing it. But this time i left the dye in for like a day because i didn't have time to rinse it out. i only dyed one, orange this time, and i'm pretty sure i used enough dye. when i rinsed it out, the dye was still running after about five minutes. when it dried, it was a nice, bright orange. it's been about a week, and a week and a half since i really washed my hair. the dye is almost completely gone, except for the tip...it's the brightest, because it has a few streaks from those 2-year-old highlights. Why do my dreads suck up the dye after a few days? i some semi-permanent dye that my friend stole from Hot Topic, and i didn't bleach my hair...could the bleach be the key to success?

and one more thing...there's one dread that really hurts. i don't know if it snagged on something and got pulled at the root, or if something bit my scalp...but it hurts, and i'm afraid to wash my hair or fix my roots because it hurts if i touch it. sunburn maybe? i haven't really been out in the sun all summer though...
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Plead the FIF!

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I think every few months I might do this.

The Suggestion Box.

Any complains?
Any rules?
Any ideas? (i.e. discussion topics, awards, community theme weeks, new banners, etc...)
Other suggestions?

Leave them there. I can't promise we'll use them but robotparade and I will be sure to look them over carefully. This is your community and you should have a say.

And be sure to click here and say why you love this place. It would be a nice link for the info page.

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hair is blue black and i dont like it as much as i did yesterday..bleh heres a skull bead i got from ebay! note: the process of dying the dreads was fine and dandy..my lufly friend did it for me and managed to get every dread. no dreads unravelled or anything, white beads managed to stay white after washing out dye.. didnt use bleach just straight up blue black dye. heh. i have 3 other skull beads in my hair..somewhere.

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Hey, all.

I've been lusting after dreads for over a year now, and am growing my hair out so that I can have them myself once it's long enough.

I haven't had any strong objections from the parental units (I'm seventeen), but my mother is absolutely convinced that I'll look terrible - she doesn't believe white girls can look pretty with dreads.

Would you ladies be so kind as to link to some pictures so I can change her mind? Much appreciated for the help.

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so my dad's secretary asked me if i ever "take them out so my hair can be soft for dates"!!!! hahahhaha! i didn't even know how to respond to that!
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jinyoung shin
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Has anyone recently cut some or all of their dreads off and wants to send me some? My friend from Austria just sent me a pic of her dreads and they looked so much longer, well she's just sewn in a bunch of other people's dreads to the tips of her own!

I think it's a super idea to add some length. So I'm taking donations. Anyone?

I have 2 of my own that I recently cut off to make thick bangs. They were actually my very favorite dreads, and they're super blond (my hair is jet-black now). So I could even trade...
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Dread head!

I'm new. I'm currently growing my hair out so I can get some dreadies of my own. Last night I went to go see String Cheese in San Francisco, there were so many dread heads (I was jealous).

When I get them, I'll make sure to put some pictures up or something.

Peace & Much Love, Olivia
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Guess I've been away from a computer longer than I thought, surprised to see the new...although I'm not too sure how new...layout. Looks fantastic.

when summer comes along mirrors aren't something I think about much. Didn't realize all my dreads were eating each other up. All my roots were forming together. did some cutting and seperating of hair today...but still staying away from wax for as long as possible.

was also in the ocean all day yesterday, feels good

maybe sometime i'll take a picture of my head

who lives in the boston area.
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I went to see Shadows Fall last night. Fucking crazy ass show, woo! For those of you who are fans you know the lead singer has massive ass dreads. And for those of you who aren't fans, I posted some pics, because I feel his dreads almost make the band. Check em out :D (I found these on Google, by the way.)

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