July 23rd, 2004

Plead the FIF!

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Once upon a time get_up_dread_up members fought often about the definition of this word. And all the dready boys and girls were sad. In fact, most dreadlock forums that I've seen online are just battlegrounds over semantics. Well, here is it. The big question.

What is your definition of dreadlocks?

What is the best way?
What are "real dreadlocks"?
Can you have dreadlocks with fake hair?
When does hair finally become dreadlocks?
How do you maintain them?

Fight, flame, argue all you want as long as it remains in this post.

My hope is that people will get it all out of their systems and we can go back to being happy and nappy.

Users/posts that have to do with this will be redirected here and reminded of community rule number 5 (i.e. We aren't here to argue about the "right way" to form or have dreadlocks.)

Oh, and the official community definition stands at dreadlocks are whatever dreadlocks mean to you.
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hey folks...it's saruh again. im just posting here to write about what my dreads mean to me because i thnk it is a good break from all the comments taht spurred from the post by our lovely mod.
my dreads are backcombed. they arent pretending to be anythng they arent, nor am i. i happily reply to curious folks who want to know how they were formed, that my bestest friend in the universe spent fourteen waxy narsty, fun filled hours dreading the shit out of my hair.
lately, i realized i have been feeling a twinge of guilt that i had never felt before. i began to feel like i had cheated in some way, that i was ashamed of my methods of dreading. "i should have gone the natural route. that is the reasoning behind the TRUE sentiment" i even went so far as to take a pair of scissors in my hands and think about chopping in front of my bathroom mirror. but then i stopped to think...
why this guilt?
my dreads mean so much to me. but why such GUILT?
only recently have i been realizing the true wonders and connections between me and my dreads. my dreadlocks mean so so so fucking much to me. i have parts of erin (bff) in them, from making them, and the residue from all the beautiful hands that try to hold them and understand them and love them. they are like a friggin TIME CAPSULE. a treasure chest...my HAIR IS A FUCKIN TREASURE CHEST. k, how many people can say that :) my dreads and i are like a pair. we do everything together. sure i could have regular hair and have to shlep it everywhere with me :). but fuck if i dont feel happier making a big fuck you statement while walkin down the street. i have dedicated a big chunk of my life to not believing in society and beauty standards and this is the actual PHYSICAL representation of it. this is my action. well, not all of it, but this is my personal fight against it
and i love my hair. for more reasons than i can say
and i am proud of it :) as i suppose all of you are. and i think that dreadlocks are just that
when you are in a crazy-assed-love affair with your hair, that is when things are where they're supposed to be. that is THE TRUE SENTIMENT :)
of course this is only my opinion, feel free to disagree but i wanted to say this because i just recently realized this connection. and i wanted to share it with yall
and props to angel thane, black person, jojo faerie, and digital cat for holdin' down the fort :)
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hey dreadfriends...

I was just scrolling through and enjoying all the beautiful people who share their images here. What a blessing to behold.
Anyway, I am feeling in love with my dreads. They are so fun and poofy at times, it makes me happy. I also love that they make me want to take pictures of myself. I have never done this before, I have actually hated to have my picture taken at all, but my lovelies have changed all that. And I thought I was doing this to shed some vanity, hmmm, guess that backfired, huh? *laughs*
So, my post is meaningless, except to say that I love my messy freaked out hair, even when I feel like my classmates judge me and I wonder if I'll ever get a professional job after grad school... even when I go out with my dready husband and people stare and children point... (did I mention I live in Oklahoma?) even when patrons at the library look at me like like I just fell off a pirate ship... (arrrrr, matey) but mostly when I feel them tickle my shoulders or when my son rubs one between his fingers.

Thanks for being here so I can express my dread love, BTW, I love all your dreads just the same.

excess wax

I washed my hair yesterday, it felt orgasmic! I'm never , ever going so long without washing my hair, ever! :-)
I thought most of the massive amounts of wax that the salon put on my hair would go away with the hot water, but there is still plenty left. I'm thinking about washing once more today. What do you think?

I thought my "dreads" were flatwormish and stupid, but a girl stopped me in the street today and wondered where I had got them done, and then she said they looked really nice. So this day scores a point :-)
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or should i just cut my hair

wow it has been awhile since i posted here.well i had half of my head in dreads at one point,but my friend took to long to do the rest so i had decided to take them out.well a few months after that i wanted them back so me and my friend went right to work.well when i got home with my head half way done (again)my mommy said i had to take them out because i looked dirty.and if i didnt take them out i couldent go to warped tour. =(so i took them out.well now i want my dreadies back...the only thing that is stopping me right now is that i cant stand it when my dreadies start to itch i have a very sensative scaulp.so im not sure what to do...help???
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has anyone considered using SpectroGel for washing their dreads? I used it on my the other day and it seemed to do just fine, but it seems odd.

P.S I also wrapped bright random string in a few dreads and I am definately loving it.

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i love this community so much... i've only been back a few days, but i've been reminded of how wonderful everyone is here. all the good vibes are just astounding... even when we fight, we do so respectfully. i love you guys <3

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