July 24th, 2004

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i was wondering if you guys can post a BEFORE(without dreads) AND AFTER(withdreads)

Just to see the different hair types and how they effect the look of the dreads your growing!


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ok guys, last night i just couldn't take it anymore...

i was sitting the the bathroom sink ( thats where i sit when i want to think about things ) and i said "gosh darn it i want dreads" so, i picked up a little pink comb and said "ok, so make one"

and i did.

just one. on the underneath section of my hair. even if it is only one and it's baby brand new i love it. i even named it >.<

now, i don't know how to dread and i was conidering letting it lock up the natural way but i figured itd be pretty hard to do that with only one piece of hair...

i'm not sure how having only one dread will work out. in any case im willing to try

so if anyone has techniques tips tricks (i cant get the ends to knot) and whatnot to make this little guy gorgeous like all of yours please do tell... i've already got the touch it all the time/sleep tricks down to a t =)

thank you!

p.s. for my first dread i think it came out ok =)

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They are only 2 days old, and it is hard to see in this picture, but my hair is natural curly, & I'm scared they won't come out right.

They will get better right?
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my dreads are 4 months old. after showering the dreads end up loose and strands of hair always seems to find its way out. what do you do to prevent this? is this something that you'll expect to happen everytime you shower, even after having dreads for a longer time?

oh. and i was wondering, what are some of your favorite things that you add to your dreads, like hats, wraps, beads, etc? (pictures?)

mucho gracias.


Hello everyone, my name is Trudy and I'm 17 and I want dreads. The oh so lovely adonialetha introduced them to me about a year ago when she walked into art class with them and ever since then I've been completely intrigued by them. My mom isn't against dreads, infact, she's interested in them but doesn't want me to get them until I graduate high school because of senior pictures/graduation pictures, etc. So I guess to make a long and boring story short, I'm a dread fan but I don't have them and I'm joining gudu.

<3 Trudy

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i was enjoying reading & sharing with everyone's opinions on dreadlocks & methods vs. results in the serious post from yesterday. but i'm taking a break from discussion to post a little ridiculousness of what you don't usually see with dreads...

looking like a vintage & conservative classy lass member of society!

the housewife look. (from this morning)
more from this series, should you fancy. in my journal, today.

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I just came home from a month long trip and saw one of my best friend today. She said my dreads looked really good, and it just made me have one of those ego moments over my knots. So on with the Collapse )

I read in a previous post about people naming their first dreads or any. My first one is Astrix, then there is Brasil, Fat Daddy and the Triplets. How bout you kids?

wax....again :-(

quick question: the wax is driving me mad, can I sort of pick it out here and there; using my nails or something? That won't do any harm, will it? You see, my hair is a little past midback, and my clothes look hideous: full of waxy residue and lint. I foolishly wore one of my fave t-shirts (Roman Dirge thing), and it looks miserable now.
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Hey hey!

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Hey all I'm new.
I've had my dreads for 2 years now. They started off real long but I've chopped them all off to my shoulders now. If I had a digi cam I'd show pics, but I don't. :(
Any other Scottish/Polish dreadies online here?
Names Kirsty by the way. :)
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Dreadheaded Partner?

I was just wondering. My boyfriend is a dreadhead. Do you too have a dreadheaded partner? What is it like for you to have a dreadheaded partner? For me, sometimes it gets frustrated because my boyfriend has better dreadlocks than I do, and they're longer! And how is your dreadlock relationship? As in, do you take care of eachother's dreadlocks? I cut all the loose hair out of my boyfriend's dreads the other day and did some crotcheting. He in return, adviced me to go to the hairdresser to get my roots tied up again because my hair is growing out too far. So! Share your dreadhead lover stories! And pictures would be cool too.

I would like to hear where you met your dreadheaded partner, how long you have been together, did you or he/she already have dreadlocks when you went into the relationship.

- Tarona -

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