July 25th, 2004

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Hey, I'm new here.

I don't have any dreads yet, but since I've adored them on everyone else for so long, I've finally made an appointment with a friend on monday to get them started.

The only problem is that I'm not sure she'll know what she's doing. I've read tips and FAQs on the net, and some of what she said clashed with online advice.

I'm probably just being nervous and doubtful, but I've been looking forward to this and I don't want to screw up somehow.

So, my questions are: Does it matter in what direction you start backcombing? (ie, from roots to tips, or vice-versa). Will it be much more difficult to dread fine hair, or just more of a challenge? How long does it typically take to dread 9-to-11 inch hair (mine's layered)? Is backcombing a fairly simple process?

Any or none really answered would be helpful -- I'd just like advice from some seasoned folks.

Hoping to join your ranks soon!
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Three little birds... perched on my...calf?

Now, i've never made a post on here before, basically because i don't have dreads... but i will! come january hopefully (gotta wait for my hair to grow longer...)
I was thinking about this yesterday and it's a sorta "7 degrees of" type deal...
Dreads= Bob Marley= "Three Little Birds"= My Bob Marley inspired tattoo?

You can delete this if it's wasy off topic but i thought i'd share..
i got this just a little while ago (in may) for my 18th birthday... enjoy :)
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So tonight I backcombed a section of hair to see what it was like, oooooooooo am i getting SO excited for my dreads. It's going down friday and i almost want to keep the one i put in today but its at a completely random spot on my head. It's really messy looking and i have to say i just love it. on another note, Maroon 5 should have been around when Cowboy Bebop was getting music for it's episodes. "She Will Be Loved" fits so perfectly with Cowboy Bebop and the rest of the songs go well too. If there is anything in particular you think I should take pictures of when the whole dreading process is going down, let me know. Also, one metal dog comb is enough, right??? i don't think it will break...?
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there is all this hair breakage at my roots! it freaking me out... 8|

i just washed my head for the first time in about 2 months... and noticed it MORE after the washing ... :| man :|

today i was thinking about cutting them. because... when i first started them, i back combed and waxed, then about 4 months later i went and had them crotched (sp?) :| which... like, made them weird. i dont know, the new dread growth is looking ok... i just dont know what i should do.

anyway, i'm about to force my friend to palm roll for me.

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I don't have a digital camera and so I can't share any pictures for a week or so (I'm low-tech, sorry) but I just wanted to share my happy dreading news. For the first time since I shaved my head in January, I have a full head of dreads again! I spent almost all day today backcombing and palm-rolling (no wax, I really hate the feel of it in my hair) and now I have about 50 really nice little dreadlings. They're still babies (obviously) and not very tight yet, but they're really well-formed & I think they're going to lock up nicely.

Yay! Excitement!

Last year, I had little baby dread nubbins that were mostly from wearing extensions all the time, but these babies are about 3" long and ALL MY HAIR. I'm sooooo stoked. :D

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bad, bad bad bad

i was in the car with my mom today
and i was playing with my dread type piece of hair (can i call it a dread yet?)
and she says there better be only one or shell cut them off
then i dropped the bomb
"but mom, i want to do my whole head"

-bad call alli-

you look buggy! and dirty! balh balh balh im a mean mean person blah blah NO! blah blah and then the kicker...

after the argueemtn was over i was playing with it again and she said...
"at least dont play with it in front of me, IT MAKES ME SICK, put it down"

score one for alli and her dread with that last line. =/