July 27th, 2004

palm rolling?

this may seem like a stupid question, but what exactly is palmrolling? i'm going to guess that it's just rolling your dreads between your palms right? but it's to what? help them lock up more or something?

and how often do you guys do it? like when you're starting out and then after your dreads are older.

just trying to learn all this stuff before i make the commitment to get these babys!

First post here

hey hey, i have had locks from a bald head growin naturaly... just dont comb... thats my method and style... i still wash just dont condition much...
Dunno how to post a pic of myself yet so lets see what happend
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(no subject)

on july 30th it'll be my dreadies one month birthday.

and the best present they could have was this:

i was sitting in class (boo for summer school) and playing absently with my hair as usual, and i realized...


only at the roots, but the roots and top of my dreads are pretty damn matted. i was so excited.

any tips on getting the lower half of the dreads to lock up? or is that another thing that takes patience? because that seems to be the hardest part for me.


xo, sarah.

(no subject)

ok, so here is the situation... i (alli) want dreadlocks. very much so.
mom (sharon) doesn't like dreds, at all.

so here is what i thoguht of today. maybe it wouldnt even work but it made me happy...

so we all know the foundation locks of love. how peopel with really long hair cut it so wigs can be made for cancer patients.

who ever said cancer patients didn't want dreads?

so i figured id do a litle bit of research into it and see. cause if i want dreads so badly, why wouldn't someone with cancer? maybe in some small way i can make someone else life happy with something that made me so happy at one time too. and it'd be awsome cause i know if love my locks, i can just tell, and so i'd love to pass taht feeling on to someone who maybe needs that feeling more then i do.

ok... good idea? bad idea? either way it made me feel really happy
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hair types

Hey all,
I have slowly come to terms with the fact that my hair type doesn't seem to like to dread too easily. I have 7 month old dreads, about 9 or 10" long, and the few inches near the roots are what I'd really call 'dreaded'...they're completely matted and quite solid. All the new growth seems to be dreading really well, but the part near the tips, especially 2" from the tip down, don't want to dread AT ALL. Even the lower middle part of the dreads are quite loose. I've tried backcombing and rip/twist, but neither seem to help much. My hair is quite thick, really soft and wavy....is there anyone else here with that hair type who can offer some tips?

I'm thinking I might just cut off the loose parts in a year or so when I've gained more length, since the new growth is naturally dreading itself really well. Has anyone here done that?


This info is mostly only applicable to those of you who live in Canada, and most specifically the Ontario/Quebec area but...if you are like me and have had a lot of trouble figuring out what to wash your hair with it might be useful :)

I recently bought an all natural shampoo bar and apple cider vinegar residue-removing hair rinse from a vendor at an arts and crafts festival in my town and they are the most wonderful things I have ever put onto my hair ever. They make my hair smell delicious and feel soft and as you may remember from pics I have posted, I have lots of loose hair and washing with this stuff once every 7-9ish days keeps even that looking clean and un-greasy for all the days in between. They are easy to rinse out and literally make my dreads bouncy. I think I should work for their company because I am obsessed with this stuff now and am telling everyone.

Anyways...the moral of my story is: the website is http://www.earthtobody.ca

You can order their products online and they also have a list of stores which carry them and festivals/fairs/etc where they will have booths. I bought the regular "shampoo/soap bar" but there is one that is specially for dry/problem scalps and also an unscented one. Some of their other products are rather expensive but the shampoo bar was $7 and is very chunky, I think it will last me a very long time, since I only use it once a week. The hair rinse was also $7, it's hard to tell how much good it has done so far because I started using it at the same time as the shampoo, but I haven't really been able to find any other products which are supposed to actually remove build-up so figured I'd give it a try. It hasn't done any harm anyway. So, hope this may be of help to some of you who don't know what sort of shampoo to use or are looking for a change. I am quite in love with the stuff!
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no one wants to help

hey, i just joined this community today because Im getting my dread wax in the mail on thursday and i am all set to dread. My sister was origionally going to help me with the hair in the back but now she doesnt want to anymore and no one wants to help me because they think its stupid. Would it be possible for me to do them all myself? I dont care about how long it takes, but i think they might come out shitty of i cant see em. Or do you just a feeling thing once you get the hang of it?

ps ~ this community is awesome

My bros locks

here are my bros 11 year old locks.... he went natural, from what he said your bangs stay as thin dreads like you see his are, and they stay skinny because of the type of hair and the thickness as well as the movement difference of the front hair from the back.... then as it grows longer it gets weak and breaks off, hence bangs staying a shorter length. I found it very interesting and growing my hair i notice it is doing the same thing.

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dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

Quick question. Not sure if anyone will know, but I'm looking into joining the Peace Corps when I get out of college in 2 years. Any Americans in here have any experience with this and know if I will have to cut off my dreads or will I be allowed to keep them?
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