July 28th, 2004

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Hey, I'm looking for some good ways to keep my dreads out of my face. Everyone reply, and post a picture of your favorite way to wear your locks =)


Also, anything you can put in your dreads to make them lock up faster? I mean... things that I can afford (AKA, not Knottyboy). Thanks guys!
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Sorry if this may be a dumb question but...

My dreads are a week old & I want to put 1 or 2 beads in them.

1. Are they too young still?

2. Do you just put the bead on & it stays, or do I need to secure it somehow?

Any tips would help ;P
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Hey hey, just wanted to tell everyone that i added pics on my LJ, of how i tied my hair back different ways before it was long enough to just simply tie it all back... On other hand whoever reads this that has a pic of them somewhere on the net of there dreads, could you leave a link in the reply! thx

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ok. i used dread wax last night. i don't like it. my sister used it a lot. and she liked it, but it's like.. not my thing.

is there anyway i can have dreads without wax.

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dread perm photos

im thinking of doing a D.i.y dread perm - woohoo!
i wanted to ask any of you who have gotten dread perms about your experiance and any tips you could give me on the steps they did on your hair at the salon ..

i'd love to see photos of before,after,and now if you have them of your permed locks :)
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ok. i don't know what to do.. read this;

kill the moron: who in the christ fuck would want dreads
kill the moron: your fucking white
wwwwwwwwwayneeee: dreads are kinda gross

that bugged me.. but not as much as this did..

kill the moron: yeah they are
wwwwwwwwwayneeee: the rastas said they werent going to wash their hair till the white men were dead
wwwwwwwwwayneeee: so it kinda weird to have dreads and be white

i feel like cutting them off.
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I started taking the rubber bands and thread out of my dreads. They worked pretty well, but I didn't want them or need them in anymore. The thread kept the dreads nice and compact, though. When I took the stuff out, I rebackcombed and palmrolled. Have been doing this since 11:30 when I work up. I think they're doing pretty well. Also, the all vary in size. Should be interesting later.

It's kind of weird; normally I hate doing stuff with my hair. In the mornings I normally took a shower then tied it in a ponytail. I guess I find backcombing very fun. :D

How you folks sleep with new dreads? I wear a ski beanie.

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Hello, my name is Brandon and I've had my dreads for a little over a month and a half. I've been dreading them naturally by rubbing my hair with my palm in a clockwise direction. They're turning out pretty well, considering that I hadn't been taking care of them as I should have, but I've begun giving them lots more love, washing them, and putting sea salt water on them, and they're becoming even more beautiful.

The only thing I wonder about is their size. Being as I've dreaded them naturally they're coming in all different sizes, but a majority of them are pretty thin. This is alright for now, as my hair isn't really that long (6 inches before I began to dread), but I was wanting them to be much thicker when they get longer. I was wondering, how can I get them that way? Can I just grab a few of the smaller guys and palm roll them together?

I read something about sewing dreads together in the FAQ section, but I don't think I quite understood. Is this a way to make them larger as well?
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Plead the FIF!


... to make something pretty for us.

Ya know what? get_up_dread_up could sure use some creative banners, icons, and buttons. And since I'm not savvy as some of you guys...

Dreadlock Graphics Contest!

Are you good at graphics? Are you a photoshop whore? Do you have way too much free time? Then come play.

1. Should be dreadlock related.
2. Should be gif, jpeg, or bmp files.
3. Icons no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels.
4. Banners no bigger than 300 x 80 pixels.
5. Buttons no bigger than 100 x 50 pixels.
Who will judge the entries?


The contest will go on until next Wednesday (that's one whole week for ya).
Then all the entries will go into a separate post (this means, don't vote here!).
Then everyone can vote on their favorites!

And as much as you people use photoshop... and as much as you say you love this community... this could be good. So come ooooooon. You know you wanna.

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due to recent comments, i have a question.

doesn't wax REPEL water?
does wax really make your hair grow mold? i was under the impression constant moist environments cause mold, so if wax repels water...

i think i'm missing something.

wax works for me. i dont goop it on, i just use a little every few days to neaten them up. i've had no problems with it. i thought wax was acceptable to use?


dreadlock boys heart dreadlock girls

...and then I was alone, cleaning up by myself and wondering where everyone had gone. it was one of those moments where you know you've been frightened before you know what it was that frightened you. it was too eerie, it had gotten dark before i noticed the sunset and as if in a rapture, everyone was gone.

until i was startled, and there was a girl I had never seen before.

"I like your hair", she says.

"Ummm....I like your hair too.", I respond.

It's just so easy and so simple, dreadlock boys like dreadlock girls, and that is that.
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