July 29th, 2004


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i found these glasses at target for $4.50. yessss.

i was getting ice cream today (mmmmm) and staring at my reflection in the glass door, and thinking to myself, "...damn. i'm hot. i love my dreads so fucking much." and just stood there smiling into the ice cream freezer.

and that made me think about how much i love all of you. this community is the best thing on lj!!!

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one of my best friends is counseling at our local YMCA camp this summer. i went to visit her tonight, because she doens't have a cabin this week. i SWEAR (and i'm not a conceited bitch)... i was the star of camp tonight! at least 10 kids came up to me to ask me about my dreads... touch them, smell them (hmm...creepy?) and whatever. i overheard some kid behind me at campfire say to his friend "i wish my parents would let me have dreadlocks"... and the girl directly behind me played with them the entire campfire. i must say it was great! so i am sharing this story so as to share the dread love with all of you guys, because you all are amazing! have a super night ^_^


so i've been a member of this community for awhile now but im usualy the one that sits back and listens and watch whats going on. for the past few days i have had this urge to have normal hair. i know im being a fool cause dreads make me so happy i just want to run a brush through my hair and we like awww...that was nice. but my dreads are my babies and i can't do that. sigh..so u can say me and my dreads are in a little argument, they love me but sometimes i wonder if all the lose hair and the effort is worth it then i wake up and realise it is. does anyone else feel this or are my dreads and me just being silly. hmmm...well heres a picture of my dreadies in a bow... :)

dumb pictures they look so much better now....coming up 10 months
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First my dreads were long, but I thought it'd be too annoying whilst washing. So, I tuck in my tips.

After a while, my dreads start thickening at a speedy rate. They're so chunky right now, except for a few thin ones.

Now I have short, chunkish dreads; but I'm craving for them to be longer again :(

I am so indecisive.

Hilly xx
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Ugh. I put in my dreads about three days ago and have been vigorous palm-rolling since. When I sleep, the ones in the back unvariably come out. And I have to re-do them from scratch. Yesterday, the front and sides starting coming out, too. I don't know if this has to do with A) the weather (humid and muggy as all get-out), B) my hair being super-fine, or C) my hair being too short. I ended up taking the few remaining survivors out, which took me all of 5 minutes! It was seriously pathetic. I worked *so hard* on these.

IS my hair too short to try this? It's about 5" on the top, 4" on the sides, and 3" in the back. I was sure it was long enough. I'm all hung up on the idea that maybe I just have the wrong sort of texture (fine, limp) to do this at all. :(

Any words of encouragement? Should I try again later when it's longer?
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I had this strange dream where I was combing my hair. In the dream I remember still having dreads though so I'm not sure how that worked, I think I was combing undreaded bits...

I'm not sure what else happened, this bit just suddenly popped back into my head.

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posting again!

Hey, so i started my dreads and i only have a section in the back left to do!! they look good but i used wax, not too much i think but they are SO stiff! I tried to put them back in a dread band and they stood straight up! haha. Is that normal? Am i allowed to wash my hair if they have only been in for 1 day? Haha, OK i have one more question... I just used DreadHead HQ accelerator spray about an hour ago and I just looked at my hair and it has a bunch of white flakes in it!! wierd. Did I do something wrong? thanks for taking the time 2 read this guyz lol

PS ~ I will post pix as soon as i do the last section

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has anyone here had any problems with dreads and piercings?

i've had an industrial for a few weeks (two holes in the cartiledge, a bar between them) and my dreads keep snagging on it. kinda painful.

as its healing it's becoming less and less of an issue, but i was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this before.

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okay, all of you from the netherlands, norway, sweden, finland. i have a question.
i really don't think i've ever seen an ugly person from these places. and i haven't seen any ugly dreads coming out of there either. but then again i haven't really ever seen very ugly dreads anywhere
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my little head is growing up so fast

i made my dreads by backcombing about 3 months ago. they were perfect, long, knotty things... and now these weird bumps started appearing in about half of my dreads. someone told me that means they're locking, being rebellious teenagers, and the bumps will go away when they turn into adults. did this happen to any of you? is it even true?
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Hi everyone, i am very quite in this community but i have a few questions. My boyfriend is dreading my hair and we are having a few problems. SO i have a frw questions. I got the kit form dreadheadhq and the directions but it is taking a lot longer than planned. It takes a good 45 mins to an hour to do one dread. And at that rate i wont have them until i am like 40. So i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to speed it up a little but. All we are doing is back combing my hair and putting wax in it. And also if anyone has any tips on how to makeit less painful that would be awesome. Thanks
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it's been a horrible day.
terrible, rotten, awful.
i think it's kinda funny that i'd rather post here to have people tell me the silly things like "everything's going to be okay" or "you're pretty so you should never be sad"... but nobody does it like you guys.

some dreadie pictures from my bad day.

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i was inspired by the other post about new england dreadheads... so is anyone else from the philadelphia area? or jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, baltimore, etc!