July 30th, 2004


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Dreadlock beards: It can be done!

Now, assuming that I found this on a rasta page he probably didn't "make" the beard, so I'm not sure if they can be made but I'm sure it's worth the coercing cuz they're dead sexy
anyone but bush

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ok, i have a few questions when it comes to letting your dreads go naturally.

well, i've had my dreads for about, 4 days, and a lot of people keep asking me where i got them done, and that they look like i got them done. i'm like 'i just backcombed them myself' hehe. ok, well, i'm letting them go natural, because, i don't like the wax.

how can i keep my dreads from growing togther

how can i keep them from being really messy

and how long does it usually take for them to start growing again..

if i have anymore questions i'll ask. ;]
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Me and my lover panda say hello! I'm happy because so many people gave me crap when I started the locks, but they all seem to be coming around. Even ::shudder:: my parents. I still get a lot of gay jokes.. but.. none the less, I'm still loving the dreads! This community makes me (and my lover panda) very happy.

woot =)
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is it bad to be re-backcombing pretty much every day? my dreads (that are one month old TODAY!) always look nice and semi tight when i go to bed, when i wake up they're a loose mess. so i rebackcomb and whatnot until they look good again. is this bad for my hair?

to dread (now) or not to dread (now)

it's been over a year -wow!

i have been loving my regular hair .
shampoo-ing it and it being all soft

i also have been thinking it maybe time to lock up again (making #4 in 9 years)

here are my reasons TO lock up right now:

1. locks just fit me

2. im not a hair-do girl , i've tryed . i just don't do anything with it .
(i made up enough hairstyle time in the 80's)

3. i always grow them back as much as i always cut them , they make me feel like my
skin fits me better.

here are my reasons NOT TO lock up right now:

1. i always cut them - i've had them 3 time in 9 years and i always cut them

2. im kinda enjoying having regular hair

3. i dunno if i think it would look good if i locked it up with it at the length it is.

what are your thoughts - here's a recent pic

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Plead the FIF!

A Gentle Mod Reminder.

Pictures are great. I love them. You guys are hot. But community rules say:

Your friend is helpful for large photos and photos that are not worksafe. Use your friend if you are posting more than one photo, or if there is any nudity/obscenity in your photos.
Click here to learn the lj-cut.

That means if you have a post with:
1. Non worksafe photos.
2. More than one photo.
3. Large photos.

Then please use the cut! I hate playing bad cop.


guys i just wanna say i am soooooo unbelievably sorry for posting those big ass pictures. I didnt know what they would do to the page it was the 1st time i ever posted pix and i had no idea how to resize them. I really am truly sorry, pleeeeez 4give me I promise I will learn how to resize them. Again, i totallllllly apologize for that. I love this community it really helped me with dreading and i dont want to be hated here lol. Sorry about my mistake

Fixity fix fix.

I got my roots fixed today. For only a bottle of wine. Normally people who would have to go would have to go to the hairdresser for what? 37 bucks an hour? I don't know. I had fun, and afterwards, I went shopping. :D Lookie!

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today. was a good day.

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Ok, I went to this outdoor-free concert last week. While watching a band, I fell in a bush (long story, but we were standing on a wall, and I lost balance and fell, haha). A few days ago I started getting itchy patches on my arms, and today it spread all over my body, so I went to the doctor, and he said I have poison ivy, and gave me a bunch of cream to put on it.

Now, my head has been itching so bad in a couple of spots, on my scalp. My hair is fairly clean, but I don't know if it's just dread-itchies or poison ivy, but it's driving me crazy.

What should I do? Should I try to put some of the anti-itching cream on my scalp, or try to ignore it? Could the cream harm my dreads? I know you guys aren't doctors, but any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance :D