July 31st, 2004


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a teaser!

the protest was fucking amazing. pictures will be in my lj soon, but for now, this is one my friend posted. this is a girl i had a couple classes with, and when i saw her today, she had DREADS!!! i was way excited.

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hello. i am new to this community and to dreads. you see, my hair is very very straight and about chin length, so you can imagine that i am having some difficulty in dreading my hair. so any tips would hugely appriciated. thank you mucho.
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so i dreaded my hair a week and a half ago. my wonderful girlfriend did them. i should have waited. my hair is so short. the hair in the back is still to short to even dread. they look horrible unless i have a bandana on. i'm trying to hang in there, i've wanted dreads for a really long time and just finally got the nerve.

the roots are so loose. it hurts to much to have rubberbands at the scalp. how long should i leave them on the ends?

fuck it, they're ugly but i love them anyway. here is a picture from last weekend. a couple days old.

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warning: this story contains adult fucking language so tell your children to go the fuck to bed

a little ficktion:

so i was typing this entry and then a lion jumped into my room through the window breaking the screen and knocking over my inscence
he shouts "Oh my dear, I am incredibly sorry about all that, but by any chance do you have a lighter i could use. Me and the antelope are gonna get high before i eat him. "
i was like "fuck yeah lion dude, im totally groovin on that gigantic ass mane of yours."
lion was like, "This tired thing is all ratty and tired, im thinking about getting a perm and maybe some freaky ass hair extensions, maybe a mohawk or a mullet, you know something a little less african veltd and a little more white trash trailer punk."
"Word to that bro, you should try some kikkin ass dread locks. i assure you, you will be the fucking lion piz-imp if you lock up that mane of yours."
"Is that easy to do my fuzzy brother?"
"Fuck yeah dude, fact, i could hook you up right now if you shared some of antelopes pot. in fack bring that bitch over and well have a BarBeQue or sometin'" so the lion rolled out the door and brought the antelope entree over and they knocked on my door this time instead of busting through the window, which despite appearances from 'clarissa knows it all' is rather rude.
the antelope packed the lions bowl piece and passed it around while i tackled lions nappy mane. that was some monstrous fucking hair but i hit that shit like a ton of bricks and before the third bowl was cashed had locked up the homies entire head. doubtless the lion dude was impressed and fucking suave as hell in his fuzzy new baby locks.
immediately the lions cellular starts ringing with the "eye of the tiger" tune from rocky and some fine ass kitty bitches ask the brother where hes chillin'.
dude gives out my addy and these felions roll up and start the party. the lady lions were sweatin' on the brothers new do and drollin' over the antelope steaks that were sizzzling on the grill and put on a phat tribal drum album.
the one dark furred girl cat crawled up on the couch next to my toked ass and asked if i was interested in trying to smoke some more.
like the mother fucking mooch i was i agreed and she packed up this tight tiger eye dug out with some dank green.
after toking on the piece two three times i rolled over onto the couch arm, saw the dreaded lion grinding up on these skank looking cats in my living room to brother bobby Marley as my eyes shut themselves from smoking myself retarded.
next thing i know im waking up to some birds chirping out my window, theres some mellow throb to my skull and my back and chest gots all kinda scratches on it.
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I went to hillside last weekend, and I tells you it was dread central! I only got a few pictures, because mostly I just got all stuned and stuff which caused my trigger finger to not work and my camera to be useless. Ayways, here goes!

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I just wanted to take the time to say tell you how much I love this community and how much I admire how everyone is so nice to everyone else. The whole world should carry the same mentality as GUDU.

kisses and hugs to everyone

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The dreads are a little over 2 years old. At the end of August we'll be moving to Vancouver for my MA. Hopefully I'll survive my degree and the dreads will survive the perpetual Vancouver rain!

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What's the general rule of thumb for putting perfume in dreads?

I wash dishes at a smokey, greasy café. To counter smells and to try to be a little conservative (and to keep the hair off my neck), I've been stuffing my dreads under a baseball cap. It works pretty well, but I'm tired of hiding them.

Would perfume cover up the smell well enough, do you think? I absolutely need another reason for my boss to be annoyed with me *laugh* BTW, my dreads are a few days old and not ready to be washed yet.

How about this for a good reason to get dreads: Collapse )
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I want to bleach my dreadies. Now, I have only had them for about 2 weeks, and I don't want them to get ruined, so my question is, how long should I wait, or is it okay to bleach them now?

I should of done it before I dreaded =\
Oh well.

Any other tips for bleaching dreads?

Thanks ♥
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