August 2nd, 2004

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kay guys. so help me out. a few questions..


seriously considering them. thus i have to grow out my hair first.
at the moment, my hair is at about 3..3.5 inches.
how much length would be reduced after being dreaded?

and i understand there are quite a few techniques to dreading hair.
my hair is incredibly coarse and wavy. its been previously damaged from bleach.
i have to straighten my hair everytime it gets wet or else my hair is a pile of frizz and curl.

are there certain techniques for dreading hairlike mine that anyone would suggest?
what does curl do to dreads, if anything?

-thanks in advance.
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The fix for loops

Ok people.
get ready.

for those of os (like me) who have medium and thin dreads : i have teh fix for loops.
No needles, no wires, no wax.

just fingers and salt water.

let us commence:

just like counterclockwise rubbing, you capture your dread between 2 fingers BELOW the loop.
you put 2 fingers from your OTHER hand ON the loop and slowly + firmly counterclockwise rub.
MAINTAIN this for about 2 MINUTES

Depending on the size and severity of the loop, you now have a thicker or thinner knot which will almost look TOO neat, compared to the rest of your dread. dont worry, this will fix itself in hours.
this process can be augmented with saltwater/locking accelerator, but not nescicarily.

If there is interest/demand i can have my GF make pics later today of how it looks/worked on me.



Hey i got my webcam back, and i just woke up.... i will take more pics tonight when the locks look better. Here is a teaser :D What do u think of the cam... i think it does good..

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Alright i good photo updates. it has been about 2 years now sence my shaved head. or a bit shorter, but i remember 7 months ago is when i noticed my first lil knot so thats when i began the time i have had locks... Today is 7 months all natural!

To view all the pics at normal size go to my album here.

give me comments! i like to know what people think

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dread problem, need advice.

three of my dreads grew together at the root. I let them do this for about a year, so when I say root, I mean from the root and like three inches down. about two or three months I got pierced (an industrial), and ever since then this mass of three combined dreads keeps hitting it and irritating it. so to save my poor ear I cut apart the dreads so it's one free dread and two combined at the root.

okay, so that fixed my problem, but now a new one has come into the picture. the one that is free is fine, but the two that are combined are in trouble. my head is full of dreads except for like a 5" gap of just messy, short hair. when I cut them apart, I guess I literally cut part of them off accidentally. I need to reattach my double-dread higher up on my head and to the new growth.. I mean, it's still hanging on there, but it's down way too far and getting in the way.

how do I go about doing this? did this happen to anyone else?

...does this even make sense? maybe I should draw a picture.

basically: reattaching a drooping dread higher up on my head, but I don't want to cut it off. what can I do?