August 3rd, 2004

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They used to be bigger

ok, in the 7 months since this picture my dreads have shrunk alot.
true they got fatter, but i'd prefer them long again.

is there anyway to un-shrink them? i'll take less fatness for granted if need be.
(special shampoo's, 50x hot shower, anything?)

Bye bye.

I hate to do this, but I think I must leave this community.

I woke up this morning and my hair looked like it did before I dreaded it, all normal & all the knots seemed to have fallen out.

I was upset, because I've had them for 2 weeks & they haven't done this yet. I don't have the patience to re-do them, so I will just re-dread them after they grow, a lot more.

I love you guys, your all so awesome.
Feel free to add me too.

♥ Heather.
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heyyyy gorgeous loves.

i have a question.

firstly... which do you think is a lesser of two evils on a job interview, dreads or 1 inch plugs? because if i wear my hair over my ears, well, i have dreads, and they may not love that, but if i wear em up, then my plugs are clearly visible. -shrugs- i wanna hit the lottery.

completely off topic, but does anyone prefer the look of uneven, wild, loose haired, fat ass dreads to completely uniform, straight, manicured tubes of hair dreads? i mean, dreads are dreads, and they're all hot sex, but i dunno.. i just love the look of untamed dreadlocks. maybe thats because thats what i have, but.. -shrug-

idk, i'm unemployed and rambling. someone hire me. -cry-

xo, sarah
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(no subject)

hi. i've looked all over for wooden beads, and can't find any.. and i was wondering if anyone had any, or could get me some, i'll pay you. if you want too.. email me

movementlover21 at

thanks in advance.

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this may be irrelevant because all our hairs are different...but people often seem to have trouble figuring out what to do with dreads when they go to work so here is what i do with mine, i work in an office, and with them up like this most people don't even notice them unless they look closely:
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this is what it looks like down:

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it's neat being able to make them appear and reason i love all my loose hairs so much. my grandma likes to see it the first way :) it's convenient for that sort of thing