August 4th, 2004

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So when was the last time you washed your hair?
I may have the better part of 3 weeks down.
And that is why I love my dreads.
The end.
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i'm poor.


Okay, so I'm heading off to college in September in Boston. I'm kind of nervous that I won't be able to find a job because of my dreads. Any of you Boston dreadies out there have a cool job opportunity for meee? (C'MAAAN, hook me up) =)
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dreads, old

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yo yo yo.

i live in iowa city. i tend to hide out in my apartment for long periods of time, but when i do go out.. i see dreadheads EVERYWHERE. i mean... its crazy. like, there is this one old guy i see, he has had his dreads for 18 years... his largest dread had been dyed in stripes of blue and green. it was awesome!

so i got this dumb idea of taking pictures of every dreaded fool i see with permission and stuff. hopefully i'll have a huge collection of these pictures ... for, um... no good reason!

so yes. soon as i get this film developed i'll throw it in here.

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have had many questions about congos so i thought i would share

I will try to explain posticon
The red circle is 2 fatter dreads formed together at lik deh middle...
The green circle, those 2 dreads are formed at the root perfect, its cool looking.
the blue, thats 5 skinnys forming up together...
The yellow lines... well all what i have circled a total of 9 dreads are all forming together at the root. its about the width of my ankle.

this is another congo i got going on the other side but lower... about 8 dreads forming there and the root when tight im guessing will be about as thick as my wrist.