August 7th, 2004

ohhhhh, mama, can this really be the end

it was chilly tonight in new jersey. which meant i could wear a beanie, and it felt so lovely on my locks.

my hair's been dreading so nicely much in a month or so, i wish i knew how to use my digital camera to show you.

yo dudes..

who lives near me!?
northern new jersey

dont be embarrassed
its cool to be a jersey kid.


yo guys...

go to

type in 'miserable failure'

and hit i'm feeling lucky
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    to be stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues againnn

(no subject)

This isn't necessarily dread related, so I apologize, but I'm so amused. I came home from work last night, and caught my Mom in my tam! HOW CUTE! Hee hee.. (sorry it's blurry) But cute, nonetheless!

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    "Eurydice (Don't Follow)" -Crüxshadows

dead at tweeter

hey!! I was wondering if anyone was going to the Dead concert tonight at the Tweeter center. Im going and It would be cool to meet up with dreadheads there, since Im afraid there will be a lack of them lol. So comment if you want to meet up with me & my sister and maybe smoke a joint or 2 with us there!