August 13th, 2004

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New hair:)

Yay!!  They are still not long enough to put into a ponytail, but can be put into two tiny pigtails :))

Question: I've noticed that they seem to stay deformed after I play with my hair. How do I make them straight again?
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dyeing dreads

hey if i were to dye a few of my dreads (possibly bleach first so the color would show up), would it be a permanent thing? i love the natural color of my hair but a splash of color would be long as i could go back to normal later (or at least have that option)..thanx ;)

btw, im not savvy enuff to do this, but wouldnt it be cool to have our mood scheme animated with lil dread headz? cuz the lemons are rather bald...
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An interesting question

So i'm getting really close to my dreads being put in and the question comes, how many. I was thinking i'd have about 25... but apparently people have like 60... I've got thick thick (both ways) straight white person hair so will i be walking around with elephant trunks if i do 25? I know people use the inches thing but i think the number of dreads works better.
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MOOO. Im geting my hair dreaded all know..but im excited..i did couple last night to see different sizes..and i cant believe how tight they got a really bad bad picture..but you get the point right

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Anyways oging to help me out tomorrow, in Trinity Bellwood park...and it will be fun..and ill post pictures once..there all done and pretty.

ok byeeeee
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hey everyone. My hair is finally starting to dread and not be spongy (woot) but all of the dreads in back are flat. They are kind of funny looking. I realized.. that the best way to tighten your dreads is just to swim in the ocean. It literally tightened mine up in one day, a LOT. I saw people saying salt water.. but for some reason I didn't really get why that would work. Stupid me. It works wonderfully. So thanks. ALSO... thank you for teaching me to loop the dread through itself to tighten up the roots. I feel much better. The reason I was so worried was because I felt like my dreads would just come undone as opposed to getting better. So ANYWAY... this post is just to say thanks to you guys for being so helpful.

PS- (Could the girl who I bought Knottyboy from please send me an email.. because I sent you money.. And I am still waiting for the Knottyboy.. or at least an email.. making me a little nervous!)
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(no subject)

So i have just been watching and commenting for a few weeks. But i think that now it is time to say hello. My Dreads are a week old, but the three in the bottom and the back are 2 weeks old. They are doing great i guess. I love them and they are fun to play with. My boyfriend is going to put wax in them tonight and i will take pictures and i will post them up so that you guys and girls can comment on how you think that they look. Thanks
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This morning i had one of those unique dread-experiencess
as i was done with a shower i took off my headband (to keep my dreads dry) and i banged my head to un-flattem them
my dreads where longer then i thought (yee) and they hit the bathroomdoor cousing a nice ticking sound :D
that sound just reminded me of the fact that i have dreads and it made me happy :)
I mean...try getting that sound with normal hair :P
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(no subject)

Well, tomorrow my friend is coming over & she's going to help me dread lock my hair.

My mom went on and on about how she wasnt going to help me buy anything but, she's already bought me the rubberbands..and shes going to buy me the flea comb tomorrow! =^__^= it made me happy.

I also..needed to know how much saltwater/lemon juice I needed to put on my hair before we dreaded it.

Also, would texture & definion pomade called WAX IT UP((Beyond Zone))

work for my pomade until I can get the good kind???

<3 thanks.

(no subject)

heeeelllllloooo all..

so, ive have my lil dreadie-poos for about a week now, and i lurve them insane amounts. yes well, i dont have much to say, other than the fact that i think im going to try salt water/lemon juice/aloe mixture on my hair.

ok, im done. adios.