August 14th, 2004

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hey guys, I had the first battle of the hair last night. I washed my dreads after about two weeks and five days, and a lot of them in the back loosened up, and one that I was worried about did unravel. So I recruited my mum to help me out. while she was sitting behind me trying to work wax into them, she muttered about how horrible they look and 'Oh gen, can't you get another hairstyle'. She asked how long we should wait till they look nice -- a week -- and 20 minutes later says she'll make an appointment for me at Regis. (I don't believe she has, however.)

This is sort of tempting because I'd love a shaved head about as much as a dreaded head BUT I WILL PREVAIL.

It's not all bad news.. she admitted that she wished she liked them as much as I do, but that I look too homeless (I personally like how it looks, just wish they hadn't unraveled). And I turned on the TV for one minute and she put a braid in.

Also, last night my boss told me (through a waitress) that I have to wear a hat now. After two weeks he's finally decided he didn't want to look at them, hehe. so I wore another guy's hat, one that he had to wear when his hair was long (read: mullet).

Anyway I'm going to be palmrolling the hell out of these guys, toodle-loo!
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I forgot to mention this, but my dog has minidreadlocks! They look like normal hairs, but I can pull each piece apart unless he bites. He's so cool. He's a poodle-yorkie mix, so he's got this great kinky hair. I remember someone posted about the Puli before, and my dog's apparently another dreadlocked animal.

the Puli, a Hungarian herding dog. My inspiration. Collapse )
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Plead the FIF!

We have a winner!

Congrats to everyone who made wonderful banners for the community. They all looked beautiful. If you'd like to use the banner you voted for, then feel free to grab it soon and upload it to your own server before my photobucket account dies.

But the official get_up_dread_up banner (created by bohemianjr) is:

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Yes, I know...I effed up in choosing to go to a salon to get locks... but it seemed safer somehow. And now I want to put my head in a pot of boiling water on the stove and boil the living daylight out of the stupid wax that still insists on hanging around. Why did the man put so effing much melted shit in, anyway? Arrrgh! I have been pouring hot water on my hair almost every day! I get so envious when I'm in town, because beautiful dreadheads crop up everywhere, and here I am with my skanky, stiff hair wishing I was invisible. Sorry about the rant. Just had to tell someone.
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Thank you, members of get_up_dread_up, for without your advice, support, shared dreadlock dilemmas, and self-portraits, I might be freaking out.

My hair is six weeks into dreading and I have never, ever seen it so messy. Ever since I was in first grade and a posse of third-grade boys made me cry by telling me I looked like I never combed my hair, I've been kind of sensitive about how it looks. This morning, if there'd been a bird nearby, it might have chosen my hair as a good place to lay an egg.

Without you, I'd be panicking. With you, I am patient; I know that this insanity is just what new dreads do, and it's all good.

*smiling out from under my crazy mess of loosely tangled dreads* Namaste.
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this was one of the last pictures i took before my poor, dear camera kicked the bucket. i love my dreads... so young, so wild.

i'm taking it in to get fixed today, but fear not - you won't have to wait 6-8 weeks for pictures of my dreads. my friend is lending me her camera for the camping trip i'm going on next week, so i'll have a bunch.


(no subject) friend is working on backcombing my hair right now..
we're on the first one.

haha..for some reason i'm having too much fun just sitting here..i dont know why but i just keep laughing.

anyway..I'm excited so I just thought I'd update ^__^

and i've totally found out that a flea comb works 546566x's better than a plastic comb..

ok, im done.
pictures, maybe later.

dont get mad at me for posting so much.


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how do you kids palmroll dreads in the back of your head?
mine in the back are only about 3 inches long, and they're impossible for me to palmroll, so i always end up twisting them around my finger, which doesn't work very well.
any pointers?
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