August 15th, 2004


Dance, Kirby, dance.

I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone in the community. I recently decided to let all my hair grow out (no more shaving the underpart) and just dreading my whole head without having any predetermined insanely high expectations of how thick or how uniform they should be. I've stopped examining photos and trying to match my result exactly to those, and putting so much emphasis on having them look a certain way. I'll just grow my hair out to a decent length, grab roughly 1 inch sections, and dread 'em. And they will turn out how they turn out, and I will love them, and they will be my locks. Thanks for your support/advice till now. Thanks to you guys, I can finally stop worrying and be at ease.

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does the look right for the whole first side??

I just got in a huge arguement with my mom & she said if they don't look 'normal' in 3 weeks I have to get rid of them.

Will they look better in 3 weeks????
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I'm a little drunk.

well, very

but I thought I'd share my tragic tale

Went out and drank horribleamounts of alcohgol today for my birthday, and there was this lovely girl with red dreads in tghis club, and she was terribly nice, and i spoke to her and all that, and then discovered that she's with some skinny spotty non dread guy.

To be honest i'm terribly upset by this.

that's all i have to say really, she was lovely though


I apologise for my drunkeness, but I love you all and you're all fantastic, so well done, and carry on.


Any non-attached red dreaded lovely ladies, feel free to contact me now

good night ;))

be excellent to one another!

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Has anyone else ever noticed that when you are walking around and see random people with dreads on the streets, they are never new dreads? They all look like they've had them for years. I'm pretty sure I've never seen someone who's dreads looked like they were under a year old. We all had to start somewhere, did we all just hid in our houses for the first year? Strange....
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mmmm hey kiddies. just got home from las vegas, yesterday. vegas is the strangest place in the world, but i saw a few dreadheads and that was nice. (not more than ten tho).
anyhoo here are some picssssss - i wrapped a bunch of my dreads in string and to my surprise it made them a little tighter. interesting. my goal was to make them colorful and festive (because who doesnt want festivity?) but i guess it worked out well both ways =)

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Anybody have a big association with spiders and their dreads?

This is my story. I was my dreads all the time, take great care of them, but it seems everytime I go camping or if I'm hanging out with friends who live in the country, the spiders always seem to flock to my dreads.

Now that made me sound like a complete dumbass, I'm aware that there would be more spiders in the country than in the city where I live.

I just think it's odd that they like going in there. I honestly don't mind it at all. I was going to make a few life-like spider accessories from Sculpy and put them in my dreads.

I just thought it was cool that they enjoy hanging out in there, and even though it's a common misconception, like if you have dreads, you have bugs, etc., you guys know the story, and the spiders are just egging me on it seems.

Here's to dready spider love :D

Here are some kinda crappy photos, I am NOT stoned, I swear.

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