August 18th, 2004

Natural dreads

Hey, I was just wondering.

Alot of people say they like to grow natural dreads because it's like the truest way to have real dreads. I never really gave it much thought because natural dreads come out very unpredictable and I'd always wanted something more uniform and in my control.

But now that I've calmed down a bit and am not so obsessed with uniform dreads, I was thinking about natural dreads, and I realized I don't understand how you get them. It's hard enough for dreads to tighten after you've back-combed your hair. How on earth do they tighten on hair you haven't even back-combed?

People like bohemianjr and jimmybuttons have great locks that they say they grew the natural way. It's not too often you hear someone got dreads without back-combing or getting a dread perm. So what exactly do you do to have natural dreads? From what I can tell, you just don't comb your hair? So if a girl with long hair never brushed it, after like a year it would dread? I just find that so amazing. How would sections form then? Wouldn't your hair just be one big tangle instead of similar sized dreads? If there's anything you're actually supposed to do besides not brush your hair, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

I'm not necessarily doing natural dreads myself, I was just curious. Thanks.

EDIT: I found a description of natural dreads on a website and it didn't sound too positive, so any of you who grew dreads naturally, you can feel free to argue with this.

It takes at least 3 years to start looking like dreads in most hair types. You need to have about 10" of hair for the knots to start forming. The dreads form unevenly, some dreads will be huge and flat, others skinny. People usually get sick of having nasty hair and cut it off long before they get dreads. The neglect method is pretty much just that. You do nothing but keep the hair clean. (Some people don't even do that but not washing your hair is unsanitary and it slows down the dreading process) Just let it grow and in a year or so it may start to knot up or it may take 3 years Hair texture and hair length has a lot to do with how long it takes. You can rip it into dreads and try to combine dreads that are too small with rubberbands if you like, but in the spirit of true neglect most people don't. I don't really think that people that use this method are really after dreads, I think they are just pissed off at their hair and decided to let it do what it wants.
Plead the FIF!

I thought we've been through this


This is a community. We are a group of people having a common interest in dreadlocks. We need to remain respectful and polite to all members. Everyone has a different method and different reasons for locking. We aren’t here to argue about the “right way” to form or have dreadlocks. (Been there, done that.) We’re here because we enjoy the fellowship we can find among other dreadheads we can’t always find elsewhere. Childish posts like “OMG I’M LEAVING HERE FOREVER!!!11”, insulting someone’s hair or views and anything else that offends the group at large will not be tolerated.

This is a safe space. I will ban people for insulting others hair. This is NOT a rating community.

The comments have been deleted. If they appear again, you're gone.
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- Lemon Juice VS Salt Water -

So far, I've only tried dread wax & lemon juice (to tighten my 2-week-old dreads), but I'm wondering if I should be using salt water instead?

  1. I'm trying to dry out my dread wax, would salt water work better for this?

  2. Will the salt crystalize on my black hair?

  3. What effect does lemon juice have on dreads anyway? I feel sticky :oB

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marla bw

(no subject)

i am preoccupied by my dreads in my shadow today
yay pigtails!
a nice boy commented on them
(i'm a waitress)as i was going into the kitchen i heard a little girl in the restaraunt yelling --Mommy! look at that girl's funny hair!-- and the mother trying to shush her.
i almost died laughing and when i came out she was standing and pointing, --no mommmy, that girl!!!--
her mother waas embarassed but it made my day.
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so I ws in Rome last May and I made a few observations. First, that italian people are super hot. Then I realized that italians know how to dread it up. Finally, I realized that italians with dreadlocks are the hottest people I have ever seen.

and so i am back here, in the states where dreadlocked persons are still hot, but not as hot or as frequently seen as across the seas. to this i breathe a great 'sigh' of consternation and ask, does anyuone else have a stry of other-worldly dread-experience?


Please try to understand this, [ramble starts now]

I though I would just like 2 dreads, my bangs that are getting in my face, so I dreaded them today, and which leads to my first question..

How do I wash my other hair If I only have a few dreads?

But! I thought I didnt want dreads on all over my head, but I look now and I really would like them all over, seeing my parents dont know I dreaded anything, I am 14, there religious, and my girlfriend hates them... What do I do?

Thanks, also, what does rubberbands on the roots do for them? I cant seem to get them to dread, they just look like loopy messes.
Me with pink highlights

(no subject)

everyone and their brother seems to be posting pictures lately. i like it!

im too lazy to post any real pictures, so i thought i would post something i had been working on.
its going to be part of my new website but umm yeah thats not up yet.

anyway here ya go.

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(no subject)

by any chance will any of you lovely floridian dread heads be seeing ani when she's here next month?
i bought my ticket, and i'll be seeing her in tampa.
if i am able to scrounge up enough money i hope to see her here in orlando as well.
i saw her last year. she was amazing.
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