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[19 Aug 2004|12:00am]
yay. my lil dredies are a good three weeks old and are now decorated with tiny beads and colorful thred. they make me mucho excited. i wish i could pot pictures. i shall figure out how!!!

PLUS - the lemon juice i put on my hair is working wonders.
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before and after [19 Aug 2004|01:41am]
[ mood | reflective ]

I have been hearing about before and after a lot lately, and began thinking tonight how I do not look much different with dreads but how different I feel. I was going through old photographs of myself, barely over a year ago and am just ashamed of who I was at that time. I do not regret, never have, plan on never in the future.

I know a lot of people have dealt with heck for their dreads, and I deal with it for mine too. Especially lately I have been getting a lot of flack from people, and it has been tearing me up inside. Tonight, however, when looking back on those pictures I realized how happy I was of who I am today. So here is my before and after, which will forever be an on going process.Collapse )

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[19 Aug 2004|03:38am]
Hey everyone,

New here. I've been poking through old entries in the community, and a lot of you have really fantastic dreads. Anyway, I don't have dreads now but hope to dread my hair soon, and I need your thoughts and advice on it.

For years now I've had long, fairly thick, vaguely hippieish, wavy hair, and for as many years I've hated dealing with it. I've noticed that when I sleep on my hair after washing and don't brush it afterward, it bunches up into dread-sized wavy locks, looks pretty damn cool, and doesn't require the heavy brushing and getting-out-of-my-eyes that my tangle-prone hair usually requires. So I think dreads might work on my hair -- only I have no idea how to start them, and I really would rather not try "natural dreads," mainly for the fact that I know I won't be able to stand all the effort I'd have to put into them before getting anything like dreads. (Also, in the past I've noticed that when I go without brushing my hair I end up not with small knots but one gigantic and painful knot at the back of my head, and I'd rather not tackle that again.)

So I guess I'm looking at a backcombing routine, huh? (If anybody has other recommendations, please please tell me.) Anybody with fine, fairly thick, long and wavy hair around here who's done it via backcombing? What were your experiences? How, specifically, did the process of backcombing work, and what did you do? What were they like afterward? Anything disastrous? Any experiences (or knowledge of other people's experiences) fucking up and having to cut off all yr hair? Any tips or recommendations or insights?

Also, assuming I try to backcomb my hair, I'd like to enlist the help of somebody who knows what they're doing, since all this shit is Greek to me. Can anybody recommend dread-friendly hair people in the New York area for initial processes? My friends don't seem to trust themselves with the task, and I don't know whether I do either. Hell, even if somebody around here lives in New York and would be willing to help out (I'd pay you for babysitting my head or whatever), that'd be cool.

And finally (sorry for all the questions), how easy is it to dye existing dreads? Can you? If so, how does it work?

In case it helps with any advice you might have to offer (anything works, really), here's what my hair looks like now:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Thanks again, everyone---
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[19 Aug 2004|10:27am]
my dreads turned a year old on the 14th! i'm so proud :)

p.s. i'm going to be in london from august 20th - august 27th/28th, anyone from around there know of any good concerts or comedy clubs or something i could go to?
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lumpy head [19 Aug 2004|01:40pm]
alright I have question. Are lumpy dreads unavoidable? I see alot of them and when i washed mine for the 1st time today they came out with a bunch of loops & lumpy spots. I havent re-waxed them yet, but a palm-rolled them and they are still loopy. I dont mind them I was just wondering if ther was a way to fix them up alittle.
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[19 Aug 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | calm ]

clean hairCollapse )
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*drool* [19 Aug 2004|05:30pm]
Saw some cool dreads at WarpedCollapse )
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Urinate [19 Aug 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Hello fellows I am a new member of your neighborhood and i come bearing pictures


I'm a very thoughtful person

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[19 Aug 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So i took some photos of my hair to show you lovely people!
here they areCollapse )

That is all ;P

Matt xxx

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hello!! [19 Aug 2004|10:23pm]
hey! i've watched this community for awhile but havent posted. I've had my dreads for about 2 weeks. They are great. I backcombed and waxed, but I criss-crossed them w/embroidery thread and I'm letting them go au naturale now. I should be posting pics soon. I have went camera crazy lately so the pics of me are on one of 5 rolls of film. ha.
Lil Jenn
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[19 Aug 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | high ]

Not dready, but loosly related. Kinda. I have dreads. See? ;-)

( Share the waves people )

I drew this and thought I'd share. If anyone can come up with a decent explanation or name for it, please do ;)

Thankyou ;)

[19 Aug 2004|11:48pm]
I'm going ssssssssssouuuth to south hampton this weekend and i have had my friends for like hmmm like 4-5 days...I was just wondering if its cool that i go swimmin in the lake?...will this come un-done..i have dread (knotty boy shamppooo) shampoo...should i use that well im in the lake? hah give it a nice wash-a-roo...any help would be wicked..thanks


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