August 22nd, 2004

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month old dreads are hell. ew, dandruff.

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is there a limit as to how thin a dread can be? I got a few that are thinner than a pencil. also, as hair is growing, should I be twist and rolling the roots around to snarl them, or will they do that eventually on their own?

thanks and love.
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well, my camera is broken, but i borrowed a friend's for the camping trip i just went on. so here's my hair at almost one month. it was one month yesterday (how time flies!) but these were all from the past week.

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rubber bands

After you've sectioned off your hair with hairties or rubber bands, can you pick up a section and just dread it with the band still at the roots? I mean obviously you can, I just wondered if that causes problems with the dreading of your roots later. I ask because I'd rather have thin dreads at the roots than a big wide section. Thanks

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'Cause I'm half-shorn, I don't have the full head of dreads that many of you do -- but today as I was looking in the mirror I began to make a list of reasons to love my forming dreads. I've been having total "morning hair" ALL DAY today too so I really needed to think about the positives. I thought I'd share them:

* I save time and money on choosing and buying shampoo.

* The best "products" to use on dreaded hair are natural, simple things that don't cost much and can be prepared at home.

* I don't have to shampoo every other day to keep it from looking flat and greasy.

* Messy = good.

* Every dread has its own traits: loops, lumps, bends, loose strands. I know my hair better than I did when it was smooth.

* To fix it up, I don't comb, curl, gel or spray it. I just touch it.

* No need for elastics or clips -- just use one dread as a tie for the rest.

* Other dreadheads from all walks of life bond with me over them.

* I look conspicuously individualistic and anti-establishment in establishments I already didn't have much use for, i.e.: upscale shopping malls, overpriced boutiques, trendy restaurants and corporate headquarters.

* Dreads are a fun decorating project.

* Dreads gave my limp, thin hair more presence and character.

If anyone has more to add, please share, I'd love to read them.
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has anyone ever used limejuice on their dreads?
would it have the same effect as lemon juice?

i was going through my fridge today looking for the lemonjuice and i came across some limejuice..i'm very tempted to try it.
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one of the girls at work said she could help me lock up my hair. she used to be a hairdresser or something and she said she has experience with cornrows and "locking up" dreads. should i take her up on this? i backcombed...well, you've seen the pics. do you think i should just leave them be or what?