August 23rd, 2004


...Oh, so Fuzzy...

11 hours of utter progress... i owe it all to kyasuri *nicest person!* =O )...

now its patients untill they calm down, i am totally shocked by how much volume they have!
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Thin hair

I need info! Does anyone here have really thin hair? Cuz i've had dred hair extensions for ages now and I love them but I wanna have my natural hair dreaded. But its thin. How wierd and much thinner will dreds make it look? Any tips? Heres piccies of both my dred extensions and my hair without.

Thanks muchly all u beautiful dreddy babies

Soap question

Body Shop has these bars of soap that smell amazing(strawberry, apricot...), can they be used on dreaded hair? Or will it make it untangle?
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a night of dread loving!

tonight my lil dreads are gonna get lots oh lovin... a night of palm rolling. Tomorrow I have an interview at a talent/modeling agency... woo. I didn't know about the modeling til I talked to them more. I thought it was just for acting, so I had to call them and tell them about the dreads and the piercing and the tats. The lady was like oh.. oh, well we're a multi-cultural center so we take all sizes and shapes , and uh.... loooks. It was great, I just wanna act. I hope the like my lovely lil dreads as much as I do! :) I was trying to think of anyone in the modeling/acting biz with dreads, no one comes to mind...
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