August 27th, 2004

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Ello Dreadies...

I just joined this community, and first off let me say that all of you are beautiful. :)

I don't have dreads, but I've been wanting them for a very long time. The problem is that my hair is super fine and I don't think I can dread it. I was thinking about putting my hair in little braids and letting it get nappy, but the braids are really thin. It bothers me, because I would love to dread my hair. :(

Is there a method of some sort to where even I can have good looking dreads?

Any help is appreciated. Thanx!
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hey im just currious any body from wi?
thats not a good enough post so im really currious about the wi thing but hey where is everyone from?
there thats better.
Im from WI by the way if it wasn't overly apparent

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HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY everyone...last night i just went to my friends house and my girlfriend just randomly made some chinese stair case thing in my hair with pink orange and yellow =) its smushed the dread reallll thin and tight though...shouldnt matter i guess

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i've stopped backcombing since you all informed me that backcombing is bad after the first time (thanks to anyone who let me know that) but ugh....will it loosen them up if i rip n twist the ends?
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