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[29 Aug 2004|12:06am]
i've been in london for a week and since i've been here i've had about 10 people come up to me feeling up my dreads and asking about them. i swear one of the great things about dreads is the ability to attract awesomely nice people.
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update [29 Aug 2004|08:45am]

hey all, been working at my new job as a carpinter, i am framing homes and makin good money... im sure carpinter work was much harder when jesus was doing it tho.... anyways, here is some pic updates on this link.


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box braiding? qu'est-ce que c'est? [29 Aug 2004|10:33am]
at work the other day, a man comes up to the counter and asks to touch my dreads. kind of odd, but i let him anyway, and we talked a little about my methods and stuff.. and then he tells me he used to have dreads and i'm think "haha. yeah. like for 2 weeks" because this guys looks like a high maintenance fellow, one that carries a mirror in his pocket. but he had a picture in his wallet, of him with SUPER long dreads. we're talking, cottonmouthdn length dreads! and really nice and uniform, thin, but nice. he said they were six years old, but that he had done them by box braiding?

what is that? he tried to explain that it was like, braiding, then making a knot, like how you tie a shoe, and then braiding another few inches, and then tying them again...? apparently it's a series of braids and ties, working down the length of the hair. he said it's a fairly popular method.. but i had never heard of it.

does anyone know what this guy was talking about?
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[29 Aug 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today is a bleak, dreary day and what better way to lighten it up than pictures of my dreads.

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dirty? [29 Aug 2004|04:59pm]
[ mood | silly ]

So whats the longest you've gone without washing your dreads?

me, its been 2 months and 6 days(which is how long I've had them).
I'm thinking I'm gonna wash them today.

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[29 Aug 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

two months old tommorow:

title or description

and one more.

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Hello People... [29 Aug 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

So I drank and dyed my hair at the same time last night. Ah yes....good time...I unfortunatly didnt have the time to do a different color because I'd have to bleach then wash then wait to dry then dye then wash then wait to dry ....and bla bla bla....anyway.....My drunken hair dyeing party...

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I just wanted to add this [29 Aug 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

This is my fav picture of my dreads. I know that the pic is not all that great on showing them off and everything, but i think that it is a neat picture.

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howdy ho, neighbor-os [29 Aug 2004|09:17pm]
Hi :)

So I went from this

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[29 Aug 2004|09:42pm]
its always nice to get told that your dreads are really good, thick and getting tighter, and that someone else wants them...ive been told so much this weekend. I feel wonderful.
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[29 Aug 2004|11:25pm]
[ mood | hmm? ]

ok quick question

if you get a DREAD PERM....as they grow older...what happens to them?

do they get fatter like other dreads do?

how do they change? if at all...

im cuuuuuuuurious!


thanks homies!

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