September 1st, 2004

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Yesterday Afternoon: Dreadage in the Air

I was at an eatery with a friend, the Five Point Cafe, sipping beers and waiting on food. I let my hair out of my crown, while we were chilling waiting for the Prince show later.

A couple of women were behind our booth. The one closest to me turns and says, your dreads are real aren't they. I tell her they are. They're beautiful, she goes on to say, did you see the guy with the long dreads that went past his back? I was telling my mother those were extensions but I wasn't sure until I saw yours. Then I knew they weren't real.

Turned out they were going to show as well. Both of them were wearing purple. Daughter and Moms going to see Prince. Daughter had to be in her mid thirties, and Moms well in her 50's.

I thought that was kewl as hell.

We sat 2nd row at the show.

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    If I Was Your Girlfriend - Prince
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Some weeks ago, i counter-clockwise-rubbed a lock of my girlfriends' blonde hair into my own, to always have a bit of her with me,when she' s away.

this small bit of hair (2 or 3 inches at must) is now a rock-steady finger-thick intergrated piece of my dreads.
Since taht day, the bit hasnt faltered a bit, and ive been fine with that for weeks.

untill it dawned on me today, then i shaved my sideburnd and fluff-hair.

i can strengthen/repair dreads with excess hair :)
So said, so done.

and; it works. i just did one dread, and will post results in a week as to how good it works, i pur a red bead in the dread, to mark wich one it is :)

so guys, if you ever have sideburn hair, or other scruff-hair taht doesnt belong, grow it 2 inches and counter-clockwise rub it to damages parts of your dreads.
its your own hair, so its not cheating :P
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I found gum in my hair. Had to slice it out with a razor.

I hope it was an accident, or else I'm going to be watching my back and hating everyone. And I doubt it was an accident, since it was just a piece of gum, as if someone pulled a bit out of his mouth and stuck it on me.

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does anyone else have the problem that the dreads at the back of their head are sort of flat compared to the ones on top, sides and front? I think it's to do with sleeping on my back and lying on top of them because no matter how much i roll them(or get someone to roll them) they're always kinda flat.