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[02 Sep 2004|10:12am]
dose tea tree oil help with dandruff?
I had some around the house from my aunt who is into oils and there good properties and such...so i figures what the hey and put a lil on....it seems to have helped.
Now what about the smell? (of the oil)
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Rings and Tings [02 Sep 2004|12:32pm]
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hey again! [02 Sep 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | full ]

i just wanted to thank everyone who commented in my last post.. i decided i'm definitely dreading the hair this week, because i went into starbucks and there was a beautiful girl with hair as long as mine and she had gorgeous locks. she told me i would look so wonderful with them, and i knew right then that i have GOT to do this!

so yeah, saturday is when the hurricane is hitting us (oh joy..) so i'll have a lot of time to do them while i sit inside and listen to the rain (and damaging winds and tornadoes and flying debris), so i'll post pictures afterwards.

thanks again! have a great and safe weekend!


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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [02 Sep 2004|06:03pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Presenting the sexiest man alive...

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[02 Sep 2004|11:12pm]
i just wanted to post this because i was highly amused.

my dad: "you know what, i like your little dreads. i got used to them, it's cute. you remind me of one of those.. sheepdogs, a fuzzy one you can cuddle. sheepdogs? is that it? yeah, sheepdogs. you remind me of a sheepdog."

me: "dad...?"

my dad: "no no, in a good way."

do your parents say any wierd things about your dreads?
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