September 3rd, 2004

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so my dreaded friend is of mixed orgin. and he was telling me he stopped calling them dreads and calls them locks. why

because the word dreads was a deragatory term meaning you "dread" having black people hair, that having hair like a black person was not desired.

now, its changed now and dreads mean something different. But it was enough for me to try to say locks instead. I know the meanings changed, but its interesting, ya know?
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My dreads....1 y and 8 months

Here is a photo of me and my 1y and 8 months dreads:

I'm having a big problem with my top dreads tho, I can clearly see the sections, which means scalp and its seriously driving me nuts... any sort of suggestion is helpfull btw ;)

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Wrappity wrap.

I too did my very first wrap and wanted to show it off. I like teal. Teal is good.

And this is mini me...too bad I couldn't do the fading of the color...

Thankyou! That is all.
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hey dreadlock-people! i used to have dreads last year (see user icon) and combed most of them out because they felt fake and dead... i haven't brush my hair since that time and i'm now going for natural dreadlocks which in that case means only time and wind and pillow will have formed my dreads. well, ok i separate them with my hands, too, but what i mean is no backcombing or palmrolling or whatever easy dreading method. just... hair, and patience.
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for digital art and design 2 class, we are making a flash website. we each get our own little sections of the site. this is the base picture for it:

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