September 6th, 2004


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a few photos cause i have nothing else to do.
if nothing else, you have to love the curtains in these photos.

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also, i have a theme idea maybe?
how about "first thing in the morning dreads"?
you know, you roll out of bed and go take a photo.
pre-makeup, pre-shower, pre-run-your-fingers-through-them.
what do we think?

DreadheadHQ Wax

I know it isn't a great idea to use wax all the time and stuff like that. Although, the smell has really grown on me. It's odd. I'm not really sure if I like it, or if it's just because it's totally unique smell to me. Anyone else know what I'm jive'n 'bout?
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surf trip

hey all! Just got back from a 3 day none stop surf and party.... the storm that hit florida really got NC some great waves and I had loads of fun, but my hart and prays go out to all who live in fl. I got some pics of my hair and a pic of my eye where a sea shell hit me in the eye as i was gettin barrel'd by a good 12-13 foot wave.. my eye is fine, just bled quite a bit. -the pics: LINK-

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Bonjour fellow dreadies!

Hey y'all!
Yeah, so I'm new to the community.

Name's Jennifer. I'm 17 years old, but I'll be turning 18 on the 30th (go me!). I live in San Anotnio, Tx.

I've been wanting dreadlocks for what seems like years and years, and now I finally have some. They're only three days old, but they're lovely. I used Dreadhead HQ products, and now I'm a happy dreadhead.

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-From One Dreadhead to Another.
<3 Jen

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I feel kinda guilty after washing my hair. I want to try to go longer between washings, but my mum insisted that she could still detect a restaurant smell, so I washed.

Question: How to dry? Just dripdry? I squeeze witha towel once the whip my head around a few times. I should have started earlier, because I can't go to bed sopping wet. ¬.¬
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oh man..i was just in the bathroom a few minutes ago and i had a look at my you do..and found a few little black things crawling around..i reached in between the dreads to pull them out..had a look at eeach of them before i split them in thinking they are lice.. ive always suffered from dandruff until recently when it started clearing there are things crawling in them..oh man im so upset...! how does someone tell the difference between flakes of dandruff and actual so worried.
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