September 7th, 2004

*i love you with all my dreadlocks*

Sorry i havent been posting, but i have had a BUSY summer .... *sigh* well here is a picture of my dreadies.
and my red roots are growing in so i think it looks uber kewler then it would have cause you can see the seperate dreads easier....yea but thats just me.
oh and what im doing in the picture... with that other chick... heheh ;)

... i'm tweasing her eyebrows ya pervs hehe
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Just a question...

How many famous people in hollywood can you think of that have dreads... BESIDES WHOOPI GOLDBERG!!! Even bringing in models i'm getting a zero. Does hollywood have something against dreads? Maybe, or maybe they are against them because with different roles in movies hairstyles change and it is impossible to hide dreads like it is short hair. Athletes and musicians have dreads aplenty, but not really models or actors or actresses. Just me rambling.
Yes you are.


just a quick question. i am just taking a break from dreading my hair and I was wondering if they get in the way of putting on/taking off glasses. that's all.
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i have no dready pictures - on account of my camera being in the shop - but i have dready news.

1) after always complaining about having no cute dreaded boys in my city, i have, in the past week, seen about five of them. new ones keep showing up at the coffeeshop i go to, and i've seen about 2 a day working at my new job, guitar center. there's hope for west michigan after all ;)

2) last night at the coffeeshop i was mindlessly playing with my dreads while reading, and all of a sudden i found one that's doing really well, like, miles ahead of the others. it's nice and tight and everything. so i proceeded to yell at all my friends around the shop to come over and feel my dread.

by the time i get my camera back, my dreads will be over 2 months old. i can't wait to show everyone how they're doing!
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Most of my dreads are relatively thin and in multitude, so I'm just wondering what the best method would be for combining dreads.
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edit #2
thank ye folks

hey folks. long time no post. i spent two weeks with the amazing ESULTANTE and we had much dreaded fun
people react to groups of dreaded folks differently than they would to individual dreadies.
i got a very different air from that
i cant quite explain it yet but im sure yall understand
so anyway here are some pics har have fun =)

ps. did anyone else protest the rnc and go to the prochoice march here in nyc? IT WAS AMAZING. the whole week. yet, very upsetting at the same time

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Me with pink highlights

mmm purple

so i put some synthetic purple locks in my hair today. just at the back underneath. i think its sassy. but im sure it wont last long...i get bored quickly.

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new person. who really cares tho? right? well i just thought i would say "hi." all you people are fucking BEAUTIFUL and have BEAUTIFUL hair. i have shortish hiar still from shaving it all off last december but i have a cuple of bay-bes. and i cant fucking wait to have a full head of locks. best wishes to all of you wonderful hair people.
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arg i just found out today i have gym at school!

Already the first day, throwing around a frisbee i was sweating buckets...

Does anyone do anything really active that makes the sweat alot...does it help the dreads? isit good to wash them everyday if u sweat? is there anythign i can do to help hah i know thats silly though...

anything really about being active and your dreads is great. alrighty!!

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Hi, been looking around the community at everyone's dreadys =) had mine about seven months and although they're more work than I first thought I do love them;

It's not a very good picture I'm getting new ones soon =) that was actually taken about a month ago lol

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