September 8th, 2004

**first post** be gentle...

Wetting my pants about thursday. I'M FINALLY getting my hair dreadlocked. I tried to a few months ago but it was pretty short then and my boyfriend (who had been nominated to do it as I'm pathetic at hair things like that) gave up after 4 of em and they didn't take very well. This time they *will* work ^determined^ grr.
So just saying hello. Hello.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Excited.

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well, hello everyone, im a new user (of the livejournal kind, not drugs!) and i would just like to give a shout out to all you dreadys out there, i joined the community a couple of days ago and i have to say, y'all are cool peoples!

a little about myself.
my name is Paul Agostinelli
my birthday is october 18

i grew up in upstate NY, Rochester to be specific.
im 6'3" tall, i dont have dreads yet (my hair is growing WAY too slow)
i go to school at adelphi university on long island (all you tri-state area dreads better give a whats up! there are none where i am, it sucks)
im a sophmore art major with a concentration in metalsmithing and jewellery
hmm, im jewish, and i only mention that because i wear a yarmulke at all times (by choice)
i spin records (funky house and disco)
i rock climb (moose, id like to hear more about your big wall climbing!)
im a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity (we're all a bunch of jews and hippies haha, i round out the bunch as a jewish hippie)
and i would have pictures to show but im still working out some kinks on my computer, speaking of which, if anyone knows a free program i could download for picture uploads it would be much appreciated!

well thats about it for now, feel free to respond anyone and everyone!
Who Knew

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Hey All.

Some of you might remember me. I used to have dreads, had them for about 5 months then I was up at 4 in the morning and just started to take them out. I think I was delirious because I miss them like crazy.

When I did them I had two friends from New York help, but I am back in school in Rhode Island and I was wondering if anyone on here is close to URI and can help me dread it up. I already have one minidread forming at the back of my head naturally so it shouldn't be too hard.

Thanks all, oh and maybe in case there are no rhode islanders, does anyone know a place in Rhode Island/Connecticut/Mass area that does dreads?

Thanks Again!

And here is a pic, for your enjoyment of my used to be dreadies:
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so i had these dreads...

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anyways. cutting off my dreads was probably one of the greatest nights of the summer. man. i felt sooo good. even though i miss them terribly. theres nothin like a good diy haircut : )



argh, im getting dreds tomorrow, and ive been looking forward to it for so long now! but now it comes to it, ive been thinkin that i wont suit them, an thinking of not getting them not :(, did any of you feel like that before? or is it just silly me.

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Hey everyone just thought id say hello. have just jointed this community after a friend directed me here. although iv never had real dreds i am currently growing my hair again in order to put some in :). iv had synth dreds made out of wool in my hair a few times and now its time for the real thing yes. :)

im 19 living in the south of england (near guildford for anyone from the same location) working part time and studying with the open university after wounderfully messing up collage :)

- Alan.
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Dreadlock Diary

5 days old. Itchy as hell at the back. Put a bead on one. Wasps don't seem to like my hair as much, which is good. They'll fly up to me and fly away repulsed. They used to find me attract and I would even kiss them! But alas, no longer!

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loose dreadies...

parts of my dreads are loose (like this one that i can easily slip my finger through at the top)... all my tips are knotted and rubberband and most of my roots are knotted and it seems like the rest of my dreads have loose spots inbetween, im afraid to try and back comb these loose parts because i rubberbanded my hair(i hope this makes sence)... i dont know if this is really bad or if this is considered normal?... any suggestions?

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General Consensus

I am debating bleaching my dreadies bright blonde, because it is oh so hot and I am recruiting all you lovely people for your opinion. I love my natural red colour, but I use to obsess with dying my hair before my dreads and it is happening again.

One who here has died them blonde, and how did they feel after?
Two I am really afraid I will get dye stuck in them, so how do I got about doing it

Also note, my hair grows really an inch or more a month *boo*

please, be kind, and give me your opinion!

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hiii lovely dreadlocked people
i wanted to ask you a favour..
for school i have to make a UGE dreadlock family out of pictures of people aaaand i was wondering if maybe someone has or could make a group picture of dreadlocked people (like minimun 4 dreadlockers) that i can use for it. that would be realy cool :D and maybe use some other pictures of some of you :)

(oh and ofcourse i will post the result one day, but that might take a while..)
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