September 9th, 2004

i have no willpower haha

well i gave in. i told myself i was going to wait till my hair grew out a bit, i lied horribly to myself, if there was ever anything i was bad at, it was waiting.

my hair is 3 and a half inches on top and about 3 inches in back so i think ill have to wait a little on the back ones.

im doing it myself with no wax and a few braces rubberbands. i asked everyone i knew on campus if they had a comb and i was so impatient that i couldnt even wait until tomorrow to go buy one, so being the industrious little metal worker i am, i McGuivere'd a makeshift comb out of wire haha.

wow, i think my impatience is going to get me in trouble some day.

anyway im doing it myself so i dont exactly have a full head of locks yet, i have a total of 7 in front and starting to work back.

oh! quick question, since im not using any wax, does anyone know if it would be better to wrap the dreadettes? i have a ton of hemp and if it will speed up the locks ill wrap them in a heartbeat.

anyway thats all for now

peace out cubscouts and keep the love one!

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im really freeked out right now, i was rolling my dreads tonight when getting ready for bed and my scalp started to look alittle red, so i further invesigated and i have red dots everywhere... i rebanded my roots sun and they were a little tight, i dont know if this is caused from that or is my scalp unhealthy (and im starting to get dandriff too which isnt uncommon i think)... and does anyone else (who uses wax) get a blue fuzzy film on their hands after they palm roll?... help!...
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'Ello Dreadies...
I'm currently dread-less. I ordered some Dread Wax online the other night and I'm expecting it to arrive anyday now. The thing is that I ordered the dark wax, since my hair is dark (obviously), but I forgot to take my blonde streaks in consideration. I was wondering if it would make the blonde look gross, and if I should've ordered light wax instead...?

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I just pulled apart all my dreads at the back..for what?! because they were covered in copious amounts of dandruff flakes. But not only that, there were remains of chocolate i hadnt taken out in over a gross. But i managed to pull out three dreads all measuring up to 15cm long. Im not angry at this, but im more so relieved really. Im just going to let the ones at the back dread themselves. and eh..yep thats all.

thought i would share.
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Today my Government teacher tried to guess who in his class was a Republic or a Democrat. He guessed correctly that I was a Democrat, and joked that he could tell by ´those dreadlocks´.

Is his profiling correct? Any Republicans here? Any other Democrats?

Or, non-Americans, how about your nation´s more-or-less, rough equivalent?
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Today i finally managed to get my webcam to work :D yey! So heres a few pictures of my dreads.

(I appologize if the LJ cut thing doesn't work properly.. i'v never used it before)




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It's been a while! I think it's almost 10 months and counting. I dyed the roots and then some last night.

They were natural red for a while, and half got dyed black, and black stayed in the tips and throughout the dreads.

I used Manic Panic red dye (I don't know the exact color!) on the roots, and they turned magenta pinkish red. I guess there was a funky reaction with the old red dye, plus the bleach, and the Manic Panic. Enjoy the pics I guess :D

I love you guys! Much dread love to all.

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Well ive had my dreds finally and i love em :D!!! tho... id post pics but i dont know how to *duh* because i dont know how to make that little link thing that takes you to the photos, god i sound stupid, but if someone could tell me how, that would be great so i can show off my new dreads XD