September 10th, 2004

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I got my dreads done yesterday and I just thought I'd start this post so you can give me all wonderful advice about the maintenance for now as they're just babies and for when they're older too :) I know I'm gonna roll em every day and sleep with a stocking on my head and not wash em for two weeks. Any more advice from you wonderfully dready people will be appreciated? :)


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Yeah it was night time and the light was a bit bright, I'm pale but not that pale lol I've always wondered what everyone else feels about their dreads, like my dreads for example, I play with them every day rubbing the roots, twisting, rolling etc... and it's wierd, like I know every single one on my head (I have between 80 and 90) I know them by sort of, this bump here, this bit that never dreads here. I remember when I first got them it was like experiencing little babies growing up (hence why I sometimes call my dreadys my babies lol) they all grow up in different ways. Oh and I also wondered if anybody else named their first dread? Yes I'm quite aware that I may sound clinically insane but that's the way I think about them.

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