September 12th, 2004

New Gal

Hey, I'm new to this community...hi guys. Ive had my dreads for 2 years now (had wraps for 2 years b4 that). This is the longest I have ever grown my hair. I'm so proud! This piccy is from last xmas, so they've grown since then:

sorry bout the shite quality. peace guys xx

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New Gal

Ha, next post already. I don;t generally get a dry scalp, but have noticed its been flaking eversince i used old sun in on it (not the best idea maybe?) does anyone have any wonder treatments (preferrably as natural as possible?) I also get the itchies - ordered knotty boys anti itch herbal teas - DON'T buy these, they are a rip off, just go to the local herbalists and do it yourself.

cheers guys xx

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retarded dreads

My front two dreads are way behind the others in terms of locking up (9 months old), and one of them isn't even really dreaded starting halfway fact, because it's so poorly locked, hair has been falling out of it, so it's now like 1/10 the thickness of my other front dread toward the bottom. The roots are also kinda big and rectangular sections, and they keep getting in my eyes and bugging me with their loose hairs. Should I comb them out and redread them? I have some dreads that have really locked up well, but these ones must not have been backcombed nearly as tight when I started. I could probably split them each into two if I redreaded them...and maybe keep them out of my eyes. Should I bother, when they'd then be 9 months behind the rest? :/
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Hallo, my name is Tyler. Im from the United States but Im currently studying abroad in Germany. Ive been watching this community for sometime now and decided that I want to join the fun.  ive been growing my dreads for about five months now.

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wierd dreams

ok has this ever happened 2 any1? probably just wierd

ever since i got dreads like a month & a half ago, in all my dreams i have straight blonde hair like i used to. And i look in the mirror and i know im dreaming. its SO wierd!! every dream!! sometimes its good cuz last night it was with a hot guy and i was like "yes we can have sex because im dreaming!" haha. But do you think that means something about my dreads? lol hmmmmm

(no subject)

nyeh!! well ive had my dreds 3days now, but whats bothering me is i feel theres far to much wax in them, and its awful their all mingin an sticky, and white because of the wax. ive tryed usin th hairdryer to melt the wax an try to make it uhm, less white, but it aint happnin it looks like i have major bad dandruff. And i cant wash them for a month.. so will i have to put up with this for a month? its really gettin to me, i said to the person tht did it dont use alot, but i think they got a bit wax happy on me. and they are just white lol, argh!! is there anything i can do that could get rid of some of the wax without washin it :\ ?
Plead the FIF!

The Mod-inatrix. Whooping that ASS!

Ok. I get about 20-30 emails a week from people in this community asking me to consider banning this user for something... yadayada (if you emailed me I'm not upset and feel free to email me whenever) but I just wanted to formally address this.

When you email me with a complaint please provide a link because this community is fairly active and I can't see every post. Believe it or not, I've been known to turn my computer off (*GASP*) so I might miss something. When I look at a link I look for a few things:

1. Was the offense intentional?
2. Is this person knowingly breaking a community rule?
3. How many offenses has this person had?
4. Does the person listen when a mod corrects them?
5. Does this person usually contribute to the community in a positive way?

Stuff like that.

If enough of the above questions answer a certain way I'll leave the post and all it's comments in tact (I might warn people gently) and just consider that user a douche. And douches have every right to the Internet just like everyone else.

If I warn someone, there is a three strike policy which is as stated, "Shut up or I'll strike you. Thrice."

Then it's BANNED.

Maybe with a fun banning sticker too. Because I'm that evil.

I'm telling you guys this not to stop you from emailing me (jgrier at but to let you know how I decide if someone stays or goes.

I will say this. The last community rule states:
We’re here because we enjoy the fellowship we can find among other dreadheads we can’t always find elsewhere. Childish posts like “OMG I’M LEAVING HERE FOREVER!!!11”, insulting someone’s hair or views and anything else that offends the group at large will not be tolerated.

If the group at large is offended by you then perhaps you should stop being a douche? Just in case? Maybe? (Off-topic: Douche is bad for you, my gyno said so.) Because if your presence is disrupting the group at large, that is a cause for banning.

As always if you have an issue with anything I say... comment. Nothing is ever in cement.

Anywoo... cookies.

(no subject)

my friend was considering getting dreads so he was asking me about them. but then a few minutes later he said to forget it because his mom said he can't. her reasoning was that "dreads are too feminine". this struck me as being very odd, has anyone else ever heard that before?