September 13th, 2004

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whats up everybody?

i havent poseted in a little while so i figured an update was in order.
i now have 18 dreads and im still doing it with a comb and some rubberbands. ive noticed after 2 washings that it actually is helping the hair lock up faster to keep it clean. my hair can get pretty greasy after 3 or 4 days so im washing every other day and it just gets a little frizzy but i noticed they stay nice and tight if you roll them when theyre wet.

well other than my dreadlock update, if any of you are from manhattan or long island give me a shout out because id like to meet dreadys in the area!

again im sorry for the lack of photographs but they are coming i promise.
oh and thanks for the suggestions for software i downloaded a program that will definately work when i can find my usb cable!

ok ill stop boring you guys with my meaningless banter.

goodnight moon and keep the love one.

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I got some photos back today, so I thought I'd post some...

these are from the Leeds Festival two weeks ago:

after 14 months...

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And these are from the Reading Festival summer last year (dreads approx 6 weeks old then):

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Those with a good eye will notice I'm wearing exactly the same clothes at both festivals...despite the year difference.  I kinda look like this all the time unfortunately ;-)

More pics from the rest of the fest will be on my LJ in a mo if anyone cares ;-)
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I mentioned I got my dreaded last thurs but I didn't post a photo I know that's all you people want ;) .... this is one from the day I got em done, now they're not so sticky outty but with bands on them. They're doing ok, but I put bands on the roots just to hold them together and it huuuurts my head :( So toight!! Grr!
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