September 14th, 2004

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7 month old dreads

Hi there everyone. Just a few quick questions- and a hello.
Ive had dreads in my hair for 7 months now- I saw so many changes in the first couple months, but now that their getting longer it seems they've just sort of stopped changing. I also majorly need to sit down for a few hours and have my husband redo a lot (the majority) of the ends and put rubber bands on them. I dont really want rubber bands on them because they end up looking like weird braids, but I havent come across any other alternatives to make sure the tips dont work themselves out and I really do want my dreads to look nice and finished.
It seems that dreadlocks really actract people who dont like to think about their hair so Ive been having difficulty getting real answers to my slightly anal and controlling natured questions.

-Is there a way other than rubber bands to get the ends to dread tightly? (maybe a glue or something?)
-If rubber bands are the only way, how should we put them on? If we just put them on the end, then the hair sticking out wont dread- therefore possibly defeating the purpose?
-Is there a good, semi-easy way to get the strands/chunks of hair that have worked their way out back into a dread?
-Anything I can do at this point to smooth them out and help move the process along a bit? They're pretty lumpy and full of crinks.

Okay, and some photos of the mess:
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As you can see the tips have almost completely fallen out. The centers are doing alright. I dont even want to talk about the back hairline. It needs work (a few dreads back there have fallen out completely and the loose chunks of hair needs attention). Im so frustrated, I promised myself I wouldnt just let them get shitty- but I have. Any suggestions so that they're be smooth and tight and beautiful?

Thanks :)


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Ok. How long will I have to keep back combing, and adding wax to my dreadlocks? They are about 56 days old, and i'm *kinda* getting tired of backcombing and adding wax. But i'll keep doing it, 'cause I love them. ♥

And, how long should I wait before I dye them?

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Rock It Pink

haven't poisted in forever and a day

Here is me at the RNC(I am the one on the left)

I have had my hair in dreads for about a year and a half. My hair is shoulder lenth. I coincidentaly haven't cut it since around 9/11/01.

I am a pedicab driver in new york city
I have been offered drugs in exchange for rides and peopelin times sqare sometimes ask me if I am selling drugs.

I like posting pictures of crazy things I find in new york and writing haikus baised on pictures other people send me. I am a ramen enthusist. I liekj drinking fresca and whiskey (separately). I love live music, long-form improv, heterosexual sex, and unintentional irony.

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Feel free to add me and send me a picture to make into a haiku
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i don't think primeduchess posted this, so i will!

i was driving down the road and thought to myself, "hey, that girl standing on the corner has dreads." and as a i drove past her, i yelled to my friend, "hey, i KNOW that girl! from livejournal!"

so, yes, we met and had a lovely old time standing around and talking about dreads and whatnot. i don't know why our faces look purple, but, oh well. there you have it.
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I was thinking today about how much meaning dreadlocks seem to hold for different people and different cultures, such as Rastafarians and the Hindu ascetics, as well our own spiritual connections to our hair. To most of us, it seems, this isn't just like having any other hairstyle. Are there any other hairstyles which are more than just a hair cut?
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Thought i would share...

i was thinking...

To me, my dreads are like the roots of a plant or tree, since starting them i feel i have become more confident and become a stronger person. Like my dreads have given me the support that was needed to help me grow and develop into the person that I want to be.

I love my messy head :)

Matt xx
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Eat your damn veggies

It's been a while since you all have seen my sexy little self so here's me circa the other day when we had no work or classes due to the hurricane that was about to hit. (notice the dark clouds and wind-swept palms in the background).

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