September 15th, 2004

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boy, with one of the dreads (I cut off).Using it as a mustache. His hair is semi-dreaded too (lazyness). Prettyful :)




had to share this story because it makes me happy.

Yesterday I went with my sister and her friend to Smoothie King, and when they were oredering, the guy who worked there was like "are you getting anything?" and i was like "nah, dont have $ with me" and he was like "come on this ones on me" and i was like AWESOME!! the smoothies are like 5$. so when he gave it to me he was like "yeah, i just cut my dreads off, yours look great" :) i was like ~ yaaay dread love. it was beautiful haha.

before i end this ~ i realized i have not posted pix since i stopped using wax, like last month, and i love how my dreads look now without it...alittle hectic..but in a fun way! so will be posting pix SOON :) yay